2022 Super Bowl Predictions

Our comedy experts and expert comedians reveal their picks for the 2022 Super Bowl. Jeff Krisko, Football Absurdity Editor-in-Chief: The Niners will win the Super Bowl; it’s a foregone conclusion. …

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conference championship predictions

2021 Conference Championship Predictions from Our Experts and Comedians

2021 Conference Championship Predictions 2021 Conference Championship Predictions Writeups Evan Hoovler, Football Absurdity’s Awesomest Guy Who Was Definitely NOT Left in Charge of Writing His Own Job Title: Conference Championship …

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Divisional Playoff Predictions from Our Experts and Comedians

Divisional Playoff Predictions Divisional Playoff Predictions Write-ups Evan Hoovler, Voted “Best Writer in America” by the Hoovler Gratuitous Award Foundation Divisional playoff predictions: Rams at Packers Oh, you sneaky, sneaky …

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2021 Wild Card Predictions from Our Experts and Comedians

2021 Wild Card Predictions   We weren’t planning to do write-ups for our 2021 Wild Card predictions, but some of our writers did, anyway. That’s the kind of over-the-top devotion …

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Super Bowl 2021 Predictions from Our Experts and Comedy Writers

Super Bowl 2021 Predictions Super Bowl 2021 Predictions Write-ups Jeff Krisko, Football Absurdity Editor-in-Chief Bills over Packers: It was going to be Packers over Chiefs, but then this happened: Think …

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NFL wild card playoffs

Wild Card Predictions from Experts and Comedians

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans Jeff Krisko, Football Absurdity Editor-in-Chief The Texans now have the coveted “let’s get this out of the way” game each season. They host a team …

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fantasy football trade targets

Week Ten Fantasy Football Trade Targets

What follows is a submission from one of our readers, Karl Leslie. Karl was able to bring us this great fantasy football knowledge and insight on his fantasy football trade …

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Daily Fantasy Football Week 7 Dumpster Dives

Well, it’s week seven of the fantasy football season. You realized that you’ve made a ton of errors in your awful teams, so it’s time to get some good fuzzies …

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buccaneers daily fantasy football

Daily Fantasy Football Week 5 Dumpster Dives

I really should start writing this article before I do the DFS challenge in the Football Absurdity Podcast (wherever you can find podcasts!). I would do that if I was …

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