One-Step Fantasy Football Superflex Auction Strategy

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So we have a popular Discord where we give superflex auction/salary cap strategy advice. Lately, 9/10 people looking for advice have leagues with a glaring vulnerability that can be easily exploited to “DOMINATE your fantasy football draft!” So, I wanted to get this out there to reward anyone with the forethought to search the Internet for 2023 fantasy football superflex auction/salary cap advice.

1. If Your League Isn’t Valuing QB Enough in Superflex, Get 2 Top QBs.

in superflex fantasy football auctions, top QBs are worth more than the other skill positions. In a $200 budget, Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Patrick Mahomes are easily worth $60. But, like I said, when people come to us for auction advice, they report that their league is only paying $50, $40, sometimes even $30 for these players. Even if your league is new to superflex auction leagues so you have no frame of reference, those leagues chronically undervalue QB, as well.

If you’re spending less than 50% of your budget and coming out with two top 3 QBs, you are going to win your league. Especially if you patiently wait for the inevitable market crash that happens in superflex leagues to fill out a lot of your roster with good players who go for a bargain. Full stop, send the telegram.

But let’s say that a few of your leaguemates get wise and decide (correctly) to bid $60 for those top 3 QBs. There’s still a great hedge: Get 2 of the next highest tier. For me, that’s Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Justin Herbert, and Lamar Jackson. Don’t worry about money or math or anything like that, because either one of two things happen:

A. The rest of your league is hesitant to bid big on QBs, you get them for a huge bargain, and laugh on into the night.

B. The rest of your league has tuned in to the value of top QBs in superflex auction strategy and you have to spend ~$100 on those QBs. You do this, then the market crashes hard and early from all this spending on QB, you make up the value with some crazy steals on good RBs and WRs, and laugh on into the night.

Now, if you are in a smart league where QBs are correctly valued and people are being conservative on the top RBs and WRs, there won’t be a significant enough market crash to do this strategy. That’s why our Discord exists. Come in there, post your league settings in the salary cap channel, and we’ll make you your own thread where we discuss the different ways the market could move in your draft and how to maximize your advantage in each case. We love you.

All of our fantasy football auction/salary cap advice can be found, here.


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