Thursday Night Farceball: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

When the NFL schedule makers put together Thursday Night Football, they had their requisite Bills-Jets “get them out of the way” game. All teams must get at least one Thursday Night Football game, so the trash teams get lumped together to get them off the docket, hence Thursday Night Farceball. The Jets and Bills have been an annual fixture because of this fact. In a strange twist, this game was one worth watching. The Jets had recently been a fun story, sitting at 3-2 before dropping three straight. The Bills also sat at 3-2, but owned a 5-3 record heading into the game. That’s not exactly how things went tonight, as the Jets defense repeatedly smothered the Bills, leading to a game that was never in doubt in the second half. I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I didn’t intend to pick on the Bills. I just go where the farce takes me. Here are five crazy, insane or farcical things you would have missed if you didn’t think two AFC East also-rans were worth your time on Thursday night.

5. Josh “Wheels” McCown
The NFL just doesn’t need Colin Kaepernick, especially with mobile quarterbacks like Josh McCown in the league (all parts of that sentence were facetious). Josh McCown ran for a touchdown in the first quarter. It was less than graceful as he literally fell into the end zone without anyone touching him. He braced for an impact that never came. Still, he’s already outscored the following backs:


4. When is a pick not a pick?
Leonard Johnson is going to have to run so much in practice for this one


3. To be fair, Zay sounds like a Star Wars name
The new NFL rules regarding touchdown celebrations are honestly the best part about this season. Disney is already looking into creating a prequel featuring Zay Jones.


2. Jordan Matthews has earned his reputation
There’s a big argument on twitter about if Jordan Matthews is #ActuallyGood or #ActuallyBad. I fall into the second camp, because he has bad hands. Here’s his own body part and his dumb, bad hands, causing a fumble.



1. Nick O’Leary, not thinking too O’Clearly
Nick O’Leary caught a pass and fell down. Nobody touched him. He got back up because he thought someone touched him. Then a lot of Jets touched him, and he fumbled the football.


The Bills and Jets gave us a laugher, but not a stinker. This one was boringly comfortable but gave us enough to laugh at. Next week the Seahawks travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals for week ten’s Thursday Night Football. Now that one is going to be complete and utter nonsense.

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