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The only thing more absurd than football is how much we all love it.  Since there just aren’t enough know-it-all’s spouting off their opinions as facts, we bring you Football Absurdity.

Truth be told, every football and fantasy football expert doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about.  You either have ex-athletes trying to predict the unpredictable, but their only real skill was that they spent a few years hitting or running away from other football players.  Or you have analysts and experts whose only real skill is yelling at a television while eating assorted fried cheeses.

Though anchored in sound statistical analysis, Football Absurdity’s mission is to rise above the glut of monotonous football dissection websites through humor, illumination of the human condition and house calls to each and every reader. So get ready and put out some chips, we’re on our way.

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Football Absurdity is…

Waleed Ismail is one of the founders of Football Absurdity. He is a Chicago based comedian. Some call him the premier Egyptian comic in Chicago, but only because they think he is the only one. Waleed is a stats and football nerd and loves yelling at people about how right he is, hence the website.

Waleed can be reached at:
Email: footballabsurditywaleed@gmail.com
Twitter: @IAmTheWaleed


Evan Hoovler‘s comedy writing has been read by over 8 billion people. Yes, we know there are only 7 billion people on Earth. That’s exactly the kind of out-of-the-box math you get from having Evan Hoovler on your team. In his twenty-year career, he has written for Cracked, The Escapist, Syfy, the Versus Network, Buzztime, and dozens and dozens and dozens of other networks and websites. He has a master’s degree in Internet, Radio, Television, New Media, and he wants to be your Facebook friend.

Evan can be reached at:
Facebook: Evan Hoovler
Twitter: @evanhoovler


Jeff Krisko can be found on your local street corner screaming about how you shouldn’t draft tight ends. He’s written for Fantasy Sports Warehouse, The Inscriber Digital Magazine, Fantasy Pros, and has done guest pieces for Uproxx and Scout.com. The Fantasy Sports Writers’ Association worst decision was admitting him as a member. He’s the best fantasy sports player in his house, but it’s questionable if he’s the best one in his neighborhood.

Jeff can be reached at:
Email: footballabsurdityjeff@gmail.com
Twitter: @jeffkrisko