Start or Sit Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsay, or Devin Singletary in Week 14?

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Should I Start or Sit Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsay, or Devin Singletary in Week 14?

As you know, my wife and I are going head to head this year to see who is better at predicting the unpredictable, and telling you who you should start or sit. I am using mostly statistical analysis with a touch of gut feeling. Erin is using whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her. We’ve already covered some quarterbacks and wide receivers. Let’s take a look at some Week 14 running backs. 


Week 14 Start or Sit Picks

Start or Sit Mark Ingram at Buffalo Bills in Week 14?

Bryan’s Take: With all the attention on Lamar Jackson, Ingram is quietly amassing a pretty successful season. Successful, and wildly inconsistent. It’s impossible to predict totals for Ingram, purely because he’s not the most talented runner the Ravens have. That’s Jackson. The Ravens should have no problem handling the Bills, and Ingram should have no problem getting involved. That said, he could, for absolutely no valid reason, have 35 yards and zero touchdowns. I’m still betting on him punching one in. Start Mark Ingram in Week 14.  

Erin’s Take: “Mark” is the kid who drives a Mercedes to school. Not because he worked hard for it, or won it, but because his parents got a new one, and handed down their old one to him. That’s the thing with “Mark.” He doesn’t get EVERYTHING he wants, but what he does get he doesn’t have to earn. Sit Mark Ingram in Week 14. 


Start or Sit Phillip Lindsay vs. Houston Texans in Week 14

Bryan’s Take: Over the last several games. Lindsay has gotten steady volume and has handled it admirably. He has clearly put some distance between himself and Royce Freeman. The problem in Denver comes from the monthly QB change. They started November by handing the offense to Brandon Allen. Now, they’ve started December with Drew Lock under center. Which should wreak havoc on Lindsay’s consistency, but it hasn’t! However, it has seriously lowered his ceiling.  On top of that, the Texans have only allowed six rushing TDs all year. Without TDs, Lindsay is just bench depth. Sit Phillip Lindsay in Week 14.

Erin’s Take: Phillip Lindsay has such a terrible football player name, that I think you have to start him. You wouldn’t expect a guy named “Phillip” to be much of an athlete. It’s oxymoronic. You know, like calling a fat guy “Slim.” Or, naming a blind dog with three legs, one ear, and no tail “Lucky.” Start Phillip Lindsay in Week 14.


Start or Sit Devin Singletary vs. Baltimore Ravens in Week 14

Bryan’s Take: The Bills’ young talent is really starting to come together. Josh Allen has looked more like an NFL QB this year than I think anyone expected, and Singletary is the clear leader in the backfield. There’s no denying what the Ravens have done offensively is mind-blowing. Their rushing defense, however, is just middle of the road. The totals look good because they’ve only faced 251 rushing attempts, fewest in the NFL. They’ve also given up 11 rushing TDs, 10th-most in the NFL. With a little math (and questionable science), we can say they’re giving up a TD on every 23 rushes. That is 4th-worst in the NFL. Tired of numbers yet? Long story short, I think the Bills will do everything they can to slow this game down, and Singletary can only benefit from that. Start Devin Singletary in Week 14.

Erin’s Take: Devin Singletary has one of those first names where they took a basic, boring name (Kevin), changed one letter, and made it infinitely cooler. I’ll take a Devin over a Kevin 100 times out of 100.  Start Devin Singletary in Week 14.


Final Ranks

Bryan: Mark Ingram > Devin Singletary > Phillip Lindsay
Erin: Phillip Lindsay > Devin Singletary > Mark Ingram


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 14, and come back next week for more of Bryan and Erin’s start/sit calls.

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