2018 Disaster Draft

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2018 Disaster Draft: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

To say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a disappointing season is putting it exceptionally mildly. They were dark horse playoff contenders in the 2017 preseason, but ultimately fell on their …

2018 Disaster Draft: The Seattle Seahawks

2018 Disaster Draft: The San Francisco 49ers

2018 Disaster Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers

2018 Disaster Draft: The Oakland Raiders

Streamers & Sleepers

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Fantasy Football: Far Too Early Quarterback Busts

I feel quite a bit like a fraud, putting quarterbacks in my fantasy football top ten, only to call them potential busts just two days later. However, that is the …

Fantasy Football: Far Too Early Quarterback Sleepers

Start or Sit

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Fantasy Football: Start or Sit Jordy Nelson in Week Fifteen?

If I had presented you with the question, “should I start or sit Jordy Nelson this week?” in the first part of the season, you would have told me I …

You Be The Commish

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You Be the Commish – Is Unintentional Roster Churning Illegal?

Usually, the answer to “is roster churning illegal” is a resounding, “Yes.” Roster churning is where an owner intentionally picks up, then immediately drops players in order to put them …


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Black Monday

Black Monday Recap — I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

The NFL regular season is over and a lot of teams are disappointed.  When NFL teams are disappointed, coaches get fired.  Black Monday marks the end of the NFL season …