Fantasy Football Tiers Rankings

Top 100 Players Sorted by Fantasy Football Tiers

Here are my top 100 rankings in terms of fantasy football tiers.  I place all my players into tiers. I believe players in these fantasy football tiers are mostly interchangeable.  I’ve also done player profiles on most of these prospects and I’ve linked those profiles to their names.  I am still working on my player profiles, so if someone doesn’t have a link yet, they will on the next update.  I’ve been spending the summer delving into my likes and dislikes on players, so please read up.  Don’t make it so I’ve neglected my family for nothing!



This is the cream of the crop.  I gave them each an individual ranking, but I’m not even sure I agree with all of them.  I think a strong case can be made for taking Antonio Brown first overall, because of how deep running back is early.  There is an argument for who the top running back will be, but there is only one Antonio Brown.  I also believe Alvin Kamara is equal to the other four and I think he has a strong chance of ending the year as the RB1.

Rank Player Position
1 David Johnson RB
2 Le’Veon Bell RB
3 Todd Gurley RB
4 Ezekiel Elliott RB
5 Antonio Brown WR
6 Alvin Kamara RB



Even though these guys are a tier below, I think all of them have a strong chance to ending at the top five at their position and I wouldn’t bat an eye at any of them finishing number one.  This is also why I love the back half of the draft this year.  Give me two of these guys and I think I’m a champion.  You can click on the player profiles to see why I like some.  With Barkley, (Since that won’t be up until next week) I have trouble putting any rookie in the first round.  Especially a rookie being coached by Mike Shula, who always seemed to have an RB committee while he was in Carolina.

Rank Player Position
7 Kareem Hunt RB
8 Melvin Gordon RB
9 Devonta Freeman RB
10 Jordan Howard RB
11 Christian McCaffery RB
12 Odell Beckham Jr. WR
13 Julio Jones WR
14 DeAndre Hopkins WR
15 AJ Green WR
16 Leonard Fournette RB
17 Saquon Barkley RB



The drop off from Tier Two to Tier Three is a very marginal drop off.  Dalvin Cook will probably surprise a lot of people, as there is no doubt he is talented enough to be in Tier Two.  His ACL makes me lower him because even though the recovery time for a torn ACL is about 9 months, it still takes a while for a guy to get back to form.  I have no doubt next year he will jump up my rankings, but there is too much risk involved with him.

Rank Player Position
18 Dalvin Cook RB
19 Michael Thomas WR
20 Keenan Allen WR
21 Davante Adams WR
22 Doug Baldwin WR
23 Travis Kelce TE



This tier has a lot more questions for me.  I am very high on all of these players, but I don’t fully trust them for various reasons.  Well, except for TY Hilton.  I trust him.  It’s Andrew Luck I’m worried about.  However, as the preseason moves on and Luck proves his health, I suspect he will go up at least one tier.

Rank Player Position
24 Rob Gronkowski TE
25 Joe Mixon RB
26 Alex Collins RB
27 Mike Evans WR
28 Brandon Cooks WR
29 TY Hilton WR
30 Stefon Diggs WR
31 Adam Thielen WR



Aaron Rodgers is in a tier all his own at quarterback, but for fantasy football purposes, he doesn’t make it to the fourth tier. The two really exciting value players here are Josh Gordon and Lamar Miller.  I suspect since Gordon just returned to the Cleveland Browns training camp, his ADP will shoot up as we get more comfortable in the fact that he isn’t going to do something stupid.  But for now, he is a bargain.  As for Lamar Miller, he has no real competition for touches in a high-powered offense at the moment, but he is dropping in drafts.

Rank Player Position
32 Amari Cooper WR
33 Tyreek Hill WR
34 Derrick Henry RB
35 Jerick McKinnon RB
36 Kenyan Drake RB
37 Larry Fitzgerald WR
38 LeSean McCoy RB
39 Josh Gordon WR
40 Lamar Miller RB
41 Zach Ertz TE
42 Evan Engram TE
43 Aaron Rodgers QB



This tier is wide receiver heavy, as I tend to target running backs early.  We are also starting to see a greater focus on quarterback and tight end.  However, Mark Ingram and Julian are my favorite value plays in this tier.  Ingram and Edelman would be ranked much higher if they weren’t suspended.  If you can whether your first few weeks, you could be grabbing a top ten positional player for the rest of the season.

Rank Player Position
44 Mark Ingram RB
45 Allen Robinson WR
46 Jarvis Landry WR
47 Golden Tate WR
48 Marvin Jones WR
49 Sammy Watkins WR
50 Corey Davis WR
51 Alshon Jeffery WR
52 Julian Edelman WR
53 Greg Olsen TE
54 Jimmy Graham TE
55 Russell Wilson QB
56 Cam Newton QB
57 Tom Brady QB



Some of you might think I’m ranking Jay Ajayi too low.  Honestly, I think I’m being generous in ranking him where he is.  Even though I have him in this tier, I don’t think he will produce as well as most of the players here.  The guys I really love in this tier are Drew Brees and Andrew Luck.  I think both are going much later in drafts than they should be and suspect both will end the year top five at their position.

Rank Player Position
58 Jay Ajayi RB
59 Carlos Hyde RB
60 Robby Anderson WR
61 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR
62 Demaryius Thomas WR
63 Chris Hogan WR
64 Cooper Kupp WR
65 Marquise Goodwin WR
66 Dion Lewis RB
67 Kerryon Johnson RB
68 Royce Freeman RB
69 Chris Thompson RB
70 Chris Carson RB
71 Delanie Walker TE
72 Kyle Rudolph TE
73 Drew Brees QB
74 Andrew Luck QB
75 Kirk Cousins QB
76 Carson Wentz QB
77 Deshaun Watson QB



Isaiah Crowell is an interesting player in this tier.  With Elijah McGuire injured, he has no real competition for touches in the New York Jets offense. The problem with him is he is still in the New York Jets offense.  At this point of the draft, I am not worried about rankings so much as guys I have targeted for breakout years.  Kenny Golladay and DJ More are both people I really love to outperform their draft position.

Rank Player Position
78 Isaiah Crowell RB
79 Tevin Coleman RB
80 Rashaad Penny RB
81 Tarik Cohen RB
82 Marlon Mack RB
83 Jordy Nelson WR
84 Will Fuller WR
85 Emmanuel Sanders WR
86 Pierre Garcon WR
87 Devin Funchess WR
88 Jamison Crowder WR
89 Kenny Golladay WR
90 DJ Moore WR
91 Jack Doyle TE
92 Tyler Eifert TE
93 Cameron Brate TE
94 Jordan Reed TE
95 Matthew Stafford QB
96 Jimmy Garoppolo QB
97 Matt Ryan QB
98 Philip Rivers QB
99 Patrick Mahomes QB
100 Dak Prescott QB