2018 Fantasy Football Jimmy Garoppolo Player Profile

Jimmy Garoppolo Player Profile

As we gear up to the start of the NFL season, Football Absurdity is going to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of every notable player that will be available in fantasy football drafts.  When you don’t see us talking about Christine Michael or Mike Davis, don’t get mad at us for neglecting your favorite sleeper.  Get mad at yourself for having bad taste in football players.  If you are interested in only the most handsome quarterbacks, then this Jimmy Garoppolo player profile will leave you breathless.

When looking at my player profiles, It is important to note that I think quarterback play is replaceable for low-end QB1’s.  So when I evaluate quarterback prospects, I am looking for top-three potential.  This will skew my perspective and analysis.  Because I am gambling on upside, I tend to draft two quarterbacks and the quarterbacks I draft tend to be younger.

Fantasy Football Jimmy Garoppolo

Current ADP (As of 9/3/2018):

Current ADP:  Number 12 among quarterbacks.  Number 93 overall.

Fantasy Football Jimmy Garoppolo Stats:

Rank Total Points PPG Rank PPG
2017 35 71.3 22 14.3
2016 40 35.1 46 7.0

Overview: Those of us who understand sample size realize that even beauty fades and it is unlikely that Jimmy Garoppolo continues his winning ways. Although with the quarterback whisperer, Kyle Shanahan, guiding Jimmy G, it’s hard not to be intrigued with his potential.  While his 14.3 points per game last season didn’t light the world on fire, Garoppolo won five straight games after only having a new playbook for two weeks.  He learned one of the most complicated playbooks in the NFL well enough to win every game he played without a training camp to familiarize himself with the offense.  It is hard not to be impressed by that.  A 2016 Matt Ryan-type season is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Strategy: Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the few quarterbacks whose ADP just feels right.  Rating Jimmy G 9th just seems like a good spot, because he hasn’t proven anything, but his ceiling is as high as anyone.  He is one of my favorite quarterbacks in fantasy football this year.

Ceiling: We witness the true price Bill Belichick paid when he used blood magic to make Tom Brady successful.  Believing himself secure, he unwittingly traded away the true greatness of Jimmy Garoppolo and Belichick is forced to witness watching his former disciple win every game for the rest of his career.  Oh, and he finishes his career as the number one fantasy quarterback of all time.

Floor:  What will actually happen is it’ll turn out Bill Belichick was right, Jimmy Garoppolo ends up failing miserably.  Evil wins.

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