Fantasy Football Tevin Coleman: 2018 Player Profile

Fantasy Football Tevin Coleman

As we gear up to the start of the NFL season, Football Absurdity is going to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of every notable player that will be available in fantasy football drafts.  When you don’t see us talking about Christine Michael or Mike Davis, don’t get mad at us for neglecting your favorite sleeper.  Get mad at yourself for having bad taste in football players.  We are only focusing on the top-rated running backs in standard scoring and points per game leagues.  If you are looking for PPR darlings in your running back, then this fantasy football Tevin Coleman player profile is for you.

With my player profiles, I’ve only decided to go back to look at their fantasy scoring for three years.  I could show you lists from earlier, but most of the guys at the top are no longer in the league anymore.  I’ve also added a chart for their usage over that time span.  We will try to determine, based on those two factors, where the best running back value lies.

Fantasy Football Tevin Coleman

Current ADP (As of 9/3/2018):

Standard: Number 26 among running backs.  Number 62 overall.

PPR: Number 26 among running backs.  Number 67 overall.




Rank Total Points PPG Rank PPG
2017 17 137.2 17 9.8
2016 20 148.2 13 12.4
2015 74 40.6 85 3.4


Rank Total Points PPG Rank PPG
2017 22 167.9 25 11.2
2016 21 176.2 13 14.7
2015 79 42.6 94 3.6


Carries Carries Per Game Targets Targets Per Game
2017 156 10.4 39 2.6
2016 118 9.1 40 3.1
2015 87 7.3 11 0.9

Overview: I am not sure what to think of Tevin Coleman.  Over the past two years, he has consistently been an RB2.  However, I worry if he is still worth drafting at his current ADP.  I think the last two years have shown that there is a cap to Coleman’s value so long as Devonta Freeman is healthy.  While a good football player in his own right, he is only averaging 13 touches a game over the past two years.  When drafting running backs in the first six or seven picks of a draft, I want to be able to convince myself that they have a reasonable chance of ending the season as an RB1.  With Coleman, it is hard for me to make that argument.

Strategy:  For a running back, a fifth-round pick seems way too high to spend on a guy who is just a third-down back.  In that same position, I’d much rather draft someone like Sammy Watkins or Michael Crabtree.  Both are in a great position to outperform their current ADP.

Ceiling: I think his ceiling is RB1, with the caveat that Devonta Freeman gets hurt early in the season.  If Freeman stays healthy, his ceiling is mid-range RB2.

Floor:  What will actually happen is Tevin Coleman will end up getting hurt because you drafted him in the hopes that Freeman would get hurt and Coleman would be your lottery ticket to a championship.  How could you wish injury on another player?  This is what you get for being a heartless owner who cares more about his fantasy team than the players on it.

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