Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Why You Should Start Austin Seferian-Jenkins over Jared Cook

Waiver Wire Tight End

This week my co-worker, Jeff Krisko, suggested that starting Jared Cook has got top-five upside.  Jeff is saying the words, but I just don’t believe him.  His words say start Jared Cook, but his eyes…. His eyes say something else entirely.  Like a man trapped in a loveless marriage, he tells you all the reason Jared Cook is good.  He tells you what he thinks you want to hear.  But those words ring hollow, because in his heart of hearts, we all know he wants to start Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Sure, Jared Cook has a catch rate of 76.5% on the season.  But we know it won’t last.  It never does.  We’ve been fooled before.  He’s caught balls in the past, beautiful passes that make you think this time will be different.  Then we spend the next few weeks fumbling away our playoff chances, angry that he tricked us again.

Jeff says that Denver has given up the 6th most fantasy points to tight ends this season.  Jeff says that Jason Witten and Charles Clay were able to have big games against Denver’s defense.  Jared Cook is not Jason Witten, no matter how much we want him to be.  I wish I had Jason Witten on my fantasy team.  Jason Witten can catch a football.

While Jared Cook might seem like the smart play, he will only hurt you like he’s done oh so many times before.  It’s time to stop letting Jared Cook hurt us.  It’s time to leave Jared Cook to rot on the waiver wire.  It’s time to start Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

In his first week back with the New York Jets, Austin Seferian-Jenkins led the team in targets.  Even more impressive, ASJ appears to be the only worthwhile target on the Jets roster.  This week, Austin Seferian-Jenkins is playing a Jacksonville Jaguars team that has given up the 9th most fantasy points to tight ends.

Most important of all, Austin Seferian-Jenkins finally appears to be getting his life together.  During the off-season, Austin Seferian-Jenkins sought help for his dependency issues and has been sober since Jan. 21st.  Austin Seferian-Jenkins is trying to be a better person.  Unlike Jared Cook, who no matter how hard he tries, will always still be Jared Cook.

So if you want to pretend that everything is alright with your fantasy football team, go ahead and start Jared Cook.  But if you are no longer okay with adequate tight end play, it is time to stop listening to your brain and get Jared Cook off your rosters.  It is time to finally follow your heart.  It is time to start Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

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