Start or Sit Dalton Schultz, Hunter Henry, or T.J. Hockenson in Fantasy Football Week 7?

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Does anybody read this part? Or do you just find the guy you want answers to in the headers below? It’s probably the second, right? Anyway, should you start or sit Dalton Schultz, Hunter Henry, or T.J. Hockenson in fantasy football week seven?

Start or Sit Dalton Schultz at Washington

Everything went on pause last week in the first half of the Dallas-Cardinals game. They had to figure out how to play with a much worse quarterback in Andy Dalton than they had in Dak Prescott. Even then, Schultz managed five targets for four catches and 35 yards. It isn’t what you wanted out of him, but it’s much better than the 1/6 effort he managed in week five. Alas, the days of 24 targets in three games, as he had in weeks two through four, are gone forever. However, the five targets in what was truly a worst-case scenario game for the Cowboys encouraged me.

Dallas travels to Washington this week, and Schultz gets a tasty matchup to try to take down. The Football Team (this will never not be funny) offers very little resistance to tight ends this year. Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert combined for nearly 30 points against them, and Mark Andrews similarly smashed. Only two tight ends have more than four targets against them this year, so their five TE touchdowns allowed is truly a sight to behold. If you’re in a bind, I will roll him out there and I say start Dalton Schultz this week.

Start or Sit Hunter Henry versus Jacksonville

Hunter Henry has quietly been just what we drafted him to be this year: a back-end TE1. He’s the TE13 in fantasy points per game, and he just came off the bye. I can understand why you’re in a pickle with Hunter Henry. He hasn’t really popped yet this season, and he hasn’t done a whole lot over the last three weeks with Justin Herbert.

I am going to say to be cautious with Hunter Henry this week and depending on who you got to cover his bye, keep rolling with that guy. If it was a one-week wonder, you can feel good about starting Henry this week in a good matchup, but I might see what that guy has to offer this week. The matchup is in Henry’s favor, as the Jags have allowed TE touchdowns in four of the last five games, and only Myles Jack’s great play stopped it from being five-straight (he took the ball out of Drew Sample’s hands in the end zone). I’m going to call on you to tentatively sit Hunter Henry this week.

Start or Sit T.J. Hockenson at Atlanta

T.J. Hockenson has evolved into the platonic ideal of the TE10. He averages about 4 catches for 50 yards per game, and he’s kicked in three touchdowns in five games. This is sort of what TE10 is every year: a guy you’re happy with for most weeks, but a guy who never makes you so unhappy you cut him. That’s Hockenson this season. He has over five targets just once, but he’s consistently pulling in 50-60 yards… well, not really. In his last two games, Hockenson has just four catches for 26 yards combined. Touchdowns in two-straight games saved his fantasy managers’ collective bacon.

I’ll keep rolling with Hockenson this week where I have him, especially over Hunter Henry in places where I picked up and streamed Hockenson (see above). The Lions play the Falcons this week in a defense optional game that should end up in the 60s. I’ll take a guy getting 5-7 targets in that shootout and I will start T.J. Hockenson this week.

How to Prioritize Them

I am going to go with T.J. Hockenson first among these guys. The game is going to be wild, and I want to get a piece of that. Second, I’ll lean on the matchups and go with Dalton Schultz. Hunter Henry will stay on the bench this week out of an abundance of caution.


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