Fantasy Football Puzzles Week 7

Fantasy football puzzles, week 7 edition! The Eagles-Giants game has the potential to cause a lobotomy. Let’s keep our brains sharp for the weekends’ sit/start decisions with some mind teasers. For the answers, check out our discord.


What fantasy football-related theme do all of these phrases share?

Aimless nerds

Cherry kinder

Scorch rains

Hamster meteor

Major boniness

Meat Hunker


Drop Quotes

For this trio of fantasy football puzzles, take each letter and put it in a box in the same column. When you’re done, you should have a fantasy football-related quote:

Waleed Ismail


Jeff Krisko


Conan O’Brien

(made with help from



Each item in this list uses the same cryptogram letter substitution:

Tight Ends with the Most HPPR Points on the Season

X V C B E Q    A G S W G

J G H V J G    A E X X S G

N C V A    C R L V G F Q

K H R R P    Q N E X Y

V H O G V X    X H R U C R

L C V V G R    F C S S G V

K E N N U    J V C Y C N

X U S G V    Y E J O G G

Y C U L G R    Y P V Q X

N E A G    J G Q E W A E

(made with help from

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