Funny 2019 Fantasy Football Team Names: U.S. Politics Edition

With the primaries approaching for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, we’ve been hearing a lot of great slogans that would also make funny 2019 fantasy football team names. This inspired us to take a look through history at U.S. Presidential slogans that also make hilarious team names.

Note: Not all of these are directly adapted from U.S. Presidential campaign slogans, but we just couldn’t resist including politically-charged gems such as “Keep on Hockenson the Free World” and “My Body, My Royce,” in this list of funny 2019 fantasy football team names.

Also, we ranked these from least-best to best-best, just for fun:

2019 Funny Politics-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names

Rank Player Name U.S. President Fantasy Football Team Name
15 Golden Tate Donald Trump Make America Tate Again
14 Leonard Fournette George W. Bush Never Fournette
13 Chris Godwin Dwight Eisenhower In Godwin We Trust
12 Ezekiel Elliot Donald Trump But her e-Zekiels!
11 Cam Newton Barack Obama Yes We Cam
10 Tyler Lockett Donald Trump Lockett Her up!
9 TJ Hockenson N/A Keep on Hockenson the Free World
8 Mike Gesicki James Monroe Manifest Gesicki
7 Dalvin Cook Richard Nixon I Am Not a Cook
6 Dak Prescott George Washington Dak-Sation without Representation
5 Royce Freeman N/A My Body My Royce
4 Joe Mixon Herbert Hoover A Mixon in every pot, a Carr in every Ballage
Derrick Carr
Kalen Ballage
3 Andy Reid George Bush Andy Reid My Lips: Jonnu Taxes
Jonnu Smith
2 Ben Roethlisberger Donald Trump Big Benghazi
1 Mike Gesicki William Henry Harrison Gesicki, Sanu, & Kyler Too
Mohamed Sanu
Kyler Murray









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