2019 Fantasy Football Team Names: TV Edition!

(Co-Authors: Waleed Ismail, Mike Maxwell, Bryan Sclar, and Jason Lu)

Time for our weekly dose of fantasy football team names. These week 5-centered team names are all taken from the titles of popular TV shows. If you don’t like ’em, feel free to change the channel (that’s retro slang for “close your browser window.”

Le’Veon Bell Team Name: Le’ved by the Bell
Rex Burkhead, DeSean Jackson, and DJ Chark Team Name: Charks and Rex-re-Desean
Mitch Trubisky and Jameis Winston Team Name: Lifestyles of the Mitch and Jameis
Brad Childress and Jamaal Williams Team Name: Jamaal my Childress
Khalil Mack Team Name: Khalil or no Khalil
Todd Gurley and Tyler Boyd Team Name Boyd Meets Gurld
Adam Gace and Austin Hooper Team Name: Austin Gace
Vontez Burfict Team Name: Eight is Enough, Vontez Burfict!
Frank Gore, Drew Brees, and Marlon Mack Team Name: Gore-ange is the Drew Mack
Mason Crosby, Cam Newton, Le’Veon Bell, and John Ross Team Name: Mason Cam-Ross-i-Bell
Randall Cobb and Kyle Rudolph Team Name: Cobb-ra Kyle
Juju Smith-Schuster Team Name: Ju-Just Schust Me
Derrius Guice and Kenny Golladay Team Name: Golladays of our Guice
Ezekiel Elliott and Tyreek Hill Team Name: Tyreeks and Zekes
Dak Prescott and Nyheim Hines Team Name: Dak Hines-ty
Rex Burkhead and Miles Sanders Team Name: The Rex Miles
Dede Westbrook Team Name: Dede West Wing
TJ Hockenson and Deshaun Watson Team Name: Third Hock from Deshaun
Derek Carr, Christian McCaffrey, and DJ Chark Team Name: Carr You McCaffraid of the Chark?
Kyler Murray, Frank Gore, and Terry McLaurin Team Names: The Terry Kyler Gore Show

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