Don’t Ask, Dontrell: Week 2 Fantasy Football Team Names

Alright, you won fantasy football week 1 with a quality team name like, “Keep on Hockenson the Free World,” or “Love Will Grier us Apart.” Now it’s time to keep the momentum going with a quality week 2 fantasy football team name based around a player who had an amazing week 1. We’ve got ten such fantasy football team names for you, so pick one around an upstart player you own and continue to dominate your league (in terms of creativity).

Week 2 Fantasy Football Team Names

1. Don’t Ask, Dontrell
2. On Your Chark, Dorsett, Go!
3. Watkins Love? Sammy Don’t Hurt Me
4. Anything Mark Andrews, I Can Do Better
5. $5 Phillip
6. Kyler Instinct
7. What Goes Up Malcolm Brown
8. McLaurin F1
9. Glengarry John Ross
10. Delanie and the Tramp


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