The Four Most Absurd NFL Mistakes from Week 12

Unlike last week, all of these NFL mistakes from week 12 took place inside a stadium. First up for our NFL mistakes from week 12 is a bit from the Aqib Talib-Michael Crabtree fracas. Instead of asking nicely to borrow Crabtree’s neck chain, Talib decided to just take it. Then, instead of telling Talib how much his lack of sharing skills hurt Crabtree’s feelings, the speedy Raiders wideout decided to fight. In Round 2 (after the players had been separated the first time), Talib and Crabtree charged each other. Talib showed poor boxing skills, telegraphing his left cross:

NFL Fails
Note Crabtree’s stance: The best way to punch somebody is to look like you’re not going to punch them










Crabtree quickly clips Talib in the jaw with a jab while leaning back:

NFL fails
I get punched at so much, I’ve taken to wearing my football helmet everywhere I go


The net result is that Talib’s punch barely misses Crabtree, perhaps harmlessly clipping his temple.

NFL fails
It takes a special something to enter a head-punch-off without a helmet

Had Talib not cocked his fist 5 yards away, he probably would have landed a huge blow to Crabtree’s jaw, which would have had a solid chance of actually knocking him out. Then Talib would have been able to abscond with the chain, probably to the nearest pawn shop.

This next one doesn’t take a Zapreuder-level of analysis to see:

New England center Ted Karras snaps the ball before Tom Brady is ready. Karras commented, “that was 100% my fault,” which is the go to response when Bill Belichick accidentally fires his “fumble ray gun” at his own team.

On Thanksgiving,  San Diego suffered an early injury to their kicker, Nick Novak. Luckily, they have a punter who seems more than capable of-

NFL fails
San Diego decided to go for it on 4th-and-13, instead

The final absurd fail of this week goes to Paxton Lynch, who played unbelievably bad, and then cried about it on the sideline:

In his defense, it sucks to realize that you are the all-time worst at the career you’ve worked your whole life for. On the other hand, maybe there should be some sort of mental-toughness test John Elway gives potential QBs. Or any kind of test. Maybe there’s an injured QB on Indianapolis they can get…

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