Fantasy Football: Week Thirteen Waiver Wire Quarterback

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Fantasy Football: Week Thirteen Waiver Wire Quarterbacks aka You’re On The Case

When you are thirteen weeks into a fantasy football season and if you still need a quarterback, you are very unlucky.  Except this week.  Week thirteen might be your lucky week.  Surprisingly enough, there are options on the waiver wire that might be able to get you through the fantasy season.  So let’s take a look at some of the waiver wire quarterback options available for week thirteen.

Case Keenum  – Owned in 47% of leagues – I am finding myself in a moral conundrum.  On the one hand, I have had to face the idea that I might be wrong about Case Keenum.  He might actually be a great fantasy football quarterback.  On the other hand, how could I be wrong about Case Keenum.  He’s Case Keenum.  I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that over the last four weeks, he has been one of the best quarterbacks in football.  The fact is, if you need help at quarterback, this might be your last, best hope.

Tyrod TaylorOwned in 49% of leagues –  Remember earlier when I said there were quarterback options available on the waiver wire.  This wasn’t what I was talking about.  Tyrod Taylor is a last ditch effort.  He is a desperation move.  Don’t burn your waiver wire on him unless you absolutely have to.  Even if you absolutely have to, I’d still give it a second thought.

Jameis Winston – Owned in 41% of leagues – With Case Keenum, I gave you an option for a starting quarterback that can salvage your season.  With Tyrod Taylor, I gave you the exact opposite.  But the wildcard waiver wire quarterback is Jameis Winston.  Reports indicate that after after his extended hiatus, he will start throwing on Wednesday.  He is a very interesting prospect.  He could come back and has a legitimately chance to ball out the rest of the season.  He could also come back and be a flaming pile of garbage.  He could even aggravate his shoulder injury trying to grope his Uber driver.   No matter what, there is no doubt it’ll be exciting.

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