The Absurdity Report: NFL Memes, Videos, and Moments of Week 15

NFL Memes

Each week I will be discussing the funniest football happenings that take place in the NFL. All the hoopla of the players, crowds, and referees will be under my absurdity microscope. Get ready to enjoy the wacky, zany, silly, and unpredictability that occurs during the season as we examine the funniest NFL memes, tweets, and plays for Week 15.

NFL Funny Video: Booger Mc🍆

NFL Tweet: Stash Gordon

NFL Funny Video: Pancakes Being Served Daily

NFL Funny Video: Cleveland’s Full House Collapse

NFL Amazing Video: Pat Pick

NFL Amazing Video: Murray in a1 Hurry

NFL Awesome Video: Titans Titans

NFL Awesome Video: #BillsMafia 

NFL Funny Stat: Fitz-Tragic Running

NFL Funny Meme: Are You the God of Steelers or the God of Hammers?

NFL Memes: Cleveland For Ransom

NFL Memes: 49ers Jumping Downward

NFL Funny Video: Raiders Fans Expressing Slight Disagreement

NFL Funny Video: Chargers Arent Holding a Charge

NFL Amazing Video: When Wentz Went Right

NFL Funny Video: Lowering the Boom!

NFL Week 15 Highlights


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