The Absurdity Report: NCAA/NFL Funniest, Memes, Moments of Week 14

Each week I will be discussing the funniest football happenings that take place in the NFL. All the hoopla of the players, crowds, and referees will be under my absurdity microscope. Get ready to enjoy the wacky, zany, silly, and unpredictability that occurs during the season as we examine the funniest tweets, memes, and plays for Week 14.

NFL Funny Video: When You Cheat but Don’t Cheat (Patriots Way)

NFL Awesome Video: Eli “The Man”-ning

NFL Great Moment: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth is

NFL Disappointing Video: When Being a Prima Donna is More Important Than Being Good

NFL Funny Meme: Who Says the NFL isn’t Creative…Oh!

NFL Funny Video: A Division Everybody Pays to Want

NFL Greatness Video: Slayton the Slayer

NFL Rumblings: The Bell Has Rung

NFL Change: Who Says You Can’t Change the Stripes On A Zebra


NFL Funny Video: Giant Failure

NFL Awesome Play: Kittle K-arried Kids

NFL Fact: Jameis’ Career Nutshell 

NFL Great Meme: Nothing Keeps Them Apart

NFL Funny Meme: CBS in the Know

NFL Hardest Hits: Lowering the Hicky Boom


NFL Great Plays: Enjoy!



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