The Seven Most Fascinating Facts about the NFL Week 12

The season is heating up, which is reflected in the higher-than-normal temperature of these fascinating facts about the NFL week 12.



Facts about week 12

  1. Of the 12 teams that would make the playoffs if the season were to end today, 8 have never won a Super Bowl (Kansas City, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Carolina, Atlanta). ERRATA: Kansas City DID win a Super Bowl in 1970. Last season, there were only four teams in the playoffs that had never won a ring. Since 2004, a franchise has achieved their first Super Bowl win only twice (Seattle, New Orleans), although between 1998 and 2003 a new team won it 5 of 6 times
  2. Alshon Jeffrey’s contract included a $250,000 bonus if he reached 7 touchdowns on the season. He hit that number with a score against his former team, the Chicago Bears
  3. Kansas City started 5-0 . San Diego started 0-4. Since then, the Chiefs have gone 1-5 and the chargers have gone 5-2 to put the two teams only one game apart
  4. Julio Jones now has three games with over 250 yards receiving. No one else in the history of the NFL has ever had more than 1. Of the 27 players who have had a 250-yard receiving game, only two are in the Hall of Fame (Jerry Rice, Steve Largent)


    facts about the nfl week 12 

  5. The Colts have blown double-digit leads in the second half four different times, this year
  6. The Eagles are the only NFL team to not allow any first-quarter touchdowns, this year
  7. For the first time since 2006, the Rams will not finish the season with a losing record. They are one win away from their first winning season since 2003.



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