Hot Takes from Crazy People: Josh Gordon’s Agent Values Him as a Person

Hot NFL Crazy commenters

Welcome to hot takes from strange commenters; it was hard not to make these all about Josh Gordon. Our first extreme opinion is that losing a top-3 back somehow makes the Dallas Cowboys better.

Ezekiel Elliott

Yes, the Cowboys only mistake was not appealing a few weeks more, so that Zeke wouldn’t be interfering with their playoff run.

This next comment proves why experiencing frequent concussions should not qualify someone to treat them:

Russell Wilson Concussions

I recently moved my family to Washington State. It’s very nice, and my only complaint is that all day long we have to interact with Seahawks fans who are like this:

Sherman injury

It’s extra fun when you consider that this comment was in an article about Richard Sherman’s tragic season-capping injury.

You ever have a friend whose optimism transgressed into “refusal to accept that negative things even exist?” That friend now responds to commenters on articles about Josh Gordon:

Josh Gordon reinstated

Yes putting ridiculously unrealistic pressure on a recovering addict is how you really show someone you care. After all, agents have absolutely no ulterior motivations, ever. Plus it’s Josh Gordon, what could go wrong?

Finally, this week’s Own-of-the-Week is a delightfully ignorant Self-Own:

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Did you catch that? Let’s take a closer look:

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Feel free to leave a comment about any of these weird conclusions. But, obviously, if your comment is crazy I’m going to make fun of you next week.


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