Fantasy Football Puzzles: October 2017

Fantasy Football Puzzles

We’ve got fantasy football puzzles. You know, in case fantasy football wasn’t complicated enough for you. Try out these fantasy football puzzles, and post in the comments section asking for hints or bragging about getting a solution. If you like these brainteasers, check out Puzzle Agent 2, by Telltale Games, for which I designed most of the puzzles.

Fantasy Football Puzzle 1

“Dear Gallant,” the email began, “could you please examine my lineup and make sure I’m playing everything optimally. I’m too busy running a successful corporation. As it turns out, being a loose-minded psychopath gets you way further in life than fastidiousness and prudence. Highlights magazine was wrong. Sincerely, Goofus.”

Fantasy Football Puzzles

“Without even looking at the player names,” wrote back Gallant, “I can see three things you’ve done wrong.”

Can you spot them?


Fantasy Football Puzzle 2

Zeromus, when he’s not busy being the end boss of Final Fantasy IV, likes to play fantasy football. He’s not very good though, as he insists on following a very specific rule when drafting. This year, his draft went as follows:

1. Julio Jones

2. Todd Gurley

3. Cecil Shorts

4. Leonard Fournette

5. Will Fuller

In the sixth round, he is planning to draft a kicker. Can you figure out which one?

Fantasy Football Puzzle 3

Annie and Frannie have made an odd bet on Annie’s fantasy football results this week. If Annie’s starting lineup scores exactly 100 points, she wins the bet. However, Frannie is letting Annie set her lineup after the games have ended (but she can’t pick up any players). Monday night, these were the scores:

Fantasy Football Puzzle

Can you set Annie’s lineup so she scores exactly 100 points?


Fantasy Football Puzzle 4

What fantasy football-related property do these team names have in common?

Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns
Jacksonville Jaguars
Washington Redskins
New Orleans Saints

HINT: The solution has to do with the team names, not their rosters nor geographical location.


Fantasy Football Puzzle 5

Fantasy Football Puzzle

The fantasy football finals are here for the Logic League, and the two biggest complainers in the league are in it. Can you figure out their starters, based solely on their complaints?

These are the players on their rosters:

Tom Brady, QB

Matt Ryan, QB

Le’Veon Bell, RB

Devonta Freeman, RB

Melvin Gordon, RB

Kareem Hunt, RB

Mark Ingram, RB

Nelson Agholor, WR

Brandin Cooks, WR

Michael Evans, WR

Chris Hogan, WR

DeAndre Hopkins, WR

Rob Gronkowski, TE

Travis Kelce, TE

Here are their complaints:

“Unlike my opponent, I started a WR in my flex. It’s not PPR, so I’m doomed.”
“I can’t believe I have to start two players on the same team, twice. Talk about putting all my eggs in one basket!”
“Three of my starters are on teams with birds for nicknames, including my flex. When has a bird ever beat anything?”
“One of my players’ first names starts with the same letter as the city for which he plays. That’s never good.”

“I hate the letter M, but three of my players’ first names start with M!”
“We each have one Kansas City Chief starting. Bet they cancel each other out.”
“My flex player plays on a team with`New’ in its name. That’s a bad omen.”
“I wish I had a WR with the letter B in his name, that would be good luck! But I don’t.”


Did you enjoy these fantasy football puzzles? Did you hate them? Did you hate them, but would have loved them if the author wasn’t so unlikeable? We’re considering making this a regular feature, so tell us your opinion in the comments!

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