Thinking of Playing Fantasy Football? Find out if It’s Right for You with This Fantasy Football Choose Your Own Adventure

Fantasy Football Choose Your Own Adventure

Hey, new players! Welcome to the exciting, lighthearted world of fantasy football. Sure, fantasy football can enhance otherwise boring NFL games, just like gambling enhances the otherwise mundane activity of peeing next to a coworker. However, fantasy football is not for everyone. To find out if you’ve got the right possibility for this exciting and fun hobby, take this whimsical fantasy football choose your own adventure. The ending you get will tell you whether you’ve got what it takes to play fantasy.

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It is Sunday morning. You roll out of your bed/pew and look at your lineup potential. First comes your Quarterback: Drew Brees is a proven starter who has been in a slump lately, but faces Tampa Bay’s atrocious defense. DeShaun Watson is this year’s fantasy sleeper darling, seemingly matchup proof. However, Watson has a tough draw against a stout Jacksonville secondary. Whom do you play?



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