Fantasy Football Week Three: The Biggest Surprises

fantasy football week three

Week three has come and gone and if you played any of these quarterbacks this week, you were probably drunk, desperate or both.  So let us sit back and examine what was more surprising about the fantasy football week three quarterbacks. The fact that they did so well or the fact that all of their names sound made up.

Jacoby Brissett led the charge against the Cleveland Browns in what many (just me) were calling the battle of the bad.  Brissett threw for 259 yards, 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions. He also had 14 rushing yards for an additional 2 touchdowns.  Perhaps most impressive of all, he has made the Indianapolis Colts the first team to benefit from a quarterback the New England Patriots didn’t want anymore.  I can only assume the Patriots traded him, because with a name like Jacoby Brissett, they didn’t think he was a real person.

Case Keenum was on the case (I’m sorry) Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, posting an impressive stat line of 369 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  He did this against what many considered one of the rising defenses in the NFL.  He also managed to do this, despite being Case Keenum, a feat most Stefon Diggs owners did not think possible.  I know I didn’t.

Blake Bortles had arguably the most impressive quarterback performance of the weekend, when the Jaguars gave the Baltimore Ravens a good ol’ thrashing in merry ol’ England.  Throwing for 244 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, a man with the actual name of Blake Bortles beat what many considered to be one of the top defenses in the NFL.  Sometimes, a Bort has gotta Bort.

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