Anti-Vax Fantasy Football Team Names

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[Co-written by Ken Bakken, Norman Berg, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, Joseph Leszkowicz, Jason LuTony Martin, Amanda Rez, Bryan Sclar, and Zach (just Zach)]

No, these aren’t team names about weird anti-vax stuff like “Kylermectin” or “Fant-i Dakxers.” Our recent Covid fantasy football team names article covered that.

This article is about certain players that have taken a vocal anti-vax stance. As such, there will only be a few players whose names we are lampooning in this list. It will be full of Cole Beasley team names, Kirk Cousins team names, and Lamar Jackson team names.

Obviously, we want to post a disclaimer that there is nothing funny about the horrors that this pandemic has brought the ill and their loved ones. I guess that’s pretty obvious from the fact that we want to call out people standing in the way of relief, in true fantasy football team name format. On with the show!

Anti-Vax Fantasy Football Team Names

  • Kirk Coughins
  • Cole Can’t-Breathesley
  • Cole-vid 19
  • Lamar anti-Vaxxin
  • The Minne-nope-a Vaxxings
  • Medi-Cole Lamar J.ency
  • Kirksonal Decision
  • Do Your Own Re-Kirk
  • Anti-Jackser
  • No Worse than the Common Cole
  • The Beas’ Sneeze
  • 5G Lamar-crochips
  • Mono-Cole-nal Anti-Beasleys
  • Kirking from Home
  • My Beasley My Choice

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I’m going to level with you: This article needs to be at least 300 words long in order for search engines to not mistake it for spam. Right now I’m pushing about 285. So I could really use a sentence that is really, really, really long: I love you.

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