2021 Covid Fantasy Football Team Names

[This list written by: Ken Bakken, Norman Berg, Joseph LeszkowiczJoshua H, Evan Hoovler, and Bryan Sclar]

We’re back for the newest iteration of our ongoing Covid fantasy football team names. Our 2020 covid fantasy football team names list smashed all our records. Check back every week, as our brilliant writing room cooks up a different themed team names list every Monday!

Obligatory: We don’t think there’s anything funny about the pandemic or millions of people dying. Our intent is not to lampoon that by any means. But, as I recently wrote an entire article about: Fantasy football should provide an escape from reality. Giving people a Covid-tangential chuckle provides our readers a little relief from pandemic stress. So it is our responsibility- NAY – Our societal duty to provide these team names! Thank us for our service.

2021 Covid Fantasy Football Team Names

  • ODellta VariFant
  • Fanti-Dakxers
  • Dakcine ManDrake
  • Fuller-y Dakcinated
  • Koo’d and Ruggs AdminisDeSean
  • An-Tyrodies
  • CeeDeeCee Lambda VarBryant
  • MandaCorey Gasking
  • Kyler-mectin
  • Slye-vermectin
  • ClydeKmetKins
  • In-Tuab-DeSean

If you want to hop in and have a blast workshopping team names with us, come to our Discord. Want to shout mean things at us for that last 2021 Covid fantasy football team name? You’ll want to come at me directly because I went rogue and came up with it all by myself. Do you want to have me keep suggesting things you could want to do with/to me because this article needs a minimum word count of 300 (that’s three zero zero) to index on search engines? Then you’ll want to read all the way to the end of this exciting, fabulous, twenty-three word long sentence!

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