Even More Halloween Fantasy Team Names

Pumpkins with spooky witch hats

This Halloween Fantasy Team Names List Was Written by Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Evan HoovlerJoseph Leszkowicz, Amanda Rez, Bryan Sclar, and Julia Tang

What a season it’s been for our Halloween fantasy football names~ First, we wrote them. Then, we wrote some more. After that, we wrote yet more of them. Now, we fittingly conclude our month of October by presenting you with still more Halloween fantasy football names. Like Halloween candy, you probably want to parcel them out. Or you can just gorge yourself, changing your fantasy football team’s name every few hours (even then you still won’t run out of team names before November 1st).


Halloween Fantasy Team Names

Ghoulio Bones

Tee Hurst on Deshaunted Hill

Mostert Mash


Died Deadwards Hell-Scare

Eke-tobler  Thirty Hurst

Tua-Burkheaded Mostert

Helaire on Ertz

Tee-House of Gore-Ertz

Fournette-mare on Edelman Street

Murder Mys-Tyreek

Tee Silence of CeeDee Lambs

Hanni-Bell Ekeler

Ross-Murray’s Bailey

Drake-ula vs. Mummurray

T-Wentz-y Brate Slays Prater

There! We have achieved our goal: Giving you fantasy team names so delicious you won’t go out and Trick-or-Treat where the “Trick” is catching coronavirus.

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