Horror Movie Fantasy Football Team Names

[Written by: Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan HoovlerKarl LeslieJoseph Leszkowicz, Jason Lu, Bryan Sclar, and Julia Tang]

October means horror movie fantasy football team names. This October means a different Halloween-themed team names list every week. Every October means bobbing for apples, then putting my cell phone in a bowl of rice.

We kicked it off earlier with our monster-themed fantasy football team names list. Check back throughout the month for each list, especially towards the end of the month when I’m running out of theme ideas and have to do something like Halloween Store Fantasy Football Team Names with entries like “paper Driskeleton” or  “Randall Cobbwebs.”

But that trainwreck is weeks away, right now our writing team is as fresh and awesome as ever!

Horror Movie Fantasy Football Team Names

The Ekeler-cist

Trey Burton’s the NightHelaire before ChrisMoss

Hockus PoGus


The Helaire Fitz Project

The Hock-y Gore-or Nick-ture Show

Kamaranormal Macktivity


The Adams Cam-ily



The BarberNuk

It’s the Tate Hopkins, Gurly Brown


Edwards Scissor-Hines

D’Ernest Helaired Stupid

Calvin in the Woods

Dak Hill Have Eyes

I Noah What Drew Did Last Hunter

I Stills Gano Wats Juju Did Last Hunter

The Texans DeShaun Pass-acre

Ty-Hill Destination

Allen vs. PredaTaylor

Carr You A-Brate of the Chark?

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