Monster Fantasy Football Team Names

football and a monster

[This list was written by Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, Karl Leslie, Bryan Sclar]

We did Pokemon fantasy football team names a few weeks ago. Pokemon means “pocket monster.” So it seemed fitting that we should go with fantasy football team names based around famous scary monsters (because “monster” and “monster” are the same word).

Welp, that feels like enough preamble. I’ll post the list now and then do my customary padding so this article gets picked up by search engines. I really hate that part, so you should read it because people sometimes find my hate amusing.

Monster Fantasy Football Team Names

The Burkheadless Hurstman
Mosterts, Inc.
Dr. Ekeler & Mr. Hyde
Goulds & Gosts
At-Dak of the Miller Tom-atos
Tate White Chark
The Hock Preston-ster
Derrick-ed Mitch of the Westbrook
The Chubb-a-Cobb-ra
One Hyde One Hernd Slyeing Gurple Deebo Peter(son)
Teddy kReagor
Tyreeka-saur-Russ Rex
Carr-eature from the Dak Lagoon
The Invis-Edelman

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Why is it that search engines need articles to be at least 300 words long in order to index? I looked it up on Wikipedia, which told be the following: “300 A.D. was a year.” 

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