Fantasy Football Halloween Candy Team Names

fantasy football halloween team names
[This list written by Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, Joseph Leszkowicz, Amanda Rez, and Bryan Sclar]

Something about this highly contagious pandemic makes us think about taking goodies from dozens of strangers and putting them into our mouths. So we wrote this fantasy football Halloween candy team names list to dream about all those candies we should probably just be buying ourselves, this year.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t share Halloween candy with your friends and family: You just have to put it in the form of a fantasy football team name! All of the enjoyment, none of that disgustingly delicious taste. Time to Brate Me Goff a Brees of Dak FitzPat Bar!

Fantasy Football Halloween Candy Team Names

Brees’s Peanut Butker Kupps

Tee Mostert-eers

TroPascal Kittles

McCaffrey Taffy

Cam-dy Carr-n

Kmet Kat






Goll-y Ryanchers

CadJerry Kareem Greg

Alshon Joy

Pres-cotton Andy

Montgomery Bears

Hurst-ey’s McKissics


Howard Patch Kitts

S-Noah Kaeps

We do these all the time! Check back after Thursday’s debate for fantasy football team names based on the night’s most outrageous moments. We’ve also got one more of our Halloween team names lists coming out next Tuesday.

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