8 Weird Fantasy Football Gifts for Women

I saw a woman at the airport yesterday who was rocking a Seahawks-themed prosthetic leg. That got me thinking about quirky football products, which got me thinking about fantasy football kitsch. The problem with being a woman who is into fantasy is that a ton of fantasy football-themed accessories for women were designed by men (or, perhaps, by some kind of laboratory grown female product development team that has never met a real woman). Seriously, why are 95% of the pink-colored fantasy football “gift” ideas some variation of “I LOST my fantasy football league so now I have to wear this STUPID, EMBARRASSING shirt?” Seriously, guys, pink balances a three-piece suit like no other color, GET OVER IT.

I decided to take a look at fantasy football gifts specifically intended for women that… missed the mark. Don’t get me wrong: Fantasy football accessories are a great way to say “I’m stylish and I will play the waiver wire with the intelligence of a thousand pink-fearing men,” but some of these are just hilariously wrong.

NOTE: The final image in the gallery (the eighth one) is a bit NSFW, so be careful!

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