Hot Takes from Crazy People: Funny Comments from the NFL Week One

Funny Comments from the NFL Week One

The first collection of dumb, funny comments of the 2018 regular season! We found the worst funny comment from every single game. Except the Detroit-Jets game, where we found a funny comment that was hilarious and not dumb at all. Check it out:


Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay

Note: It’s not mythical if it’s already happened. Next up: BLIND OPTIMISM finds a straw to clutch!

Seattle vs. Denver


San Francisco vs. Minnesota


Jacksonville vs. New York Giants

Note: Another season? So they’re complaining about a top 10 finish as a rookie?


Buffalo vs. Baltimore

Note: Yes, pushing mediocre Miami’s creampuff college win is the worst and most-forced humblebrag of the year.


Kansas City vs. Los Angeles Chargers


Washington vs. Arizona

Note: Craig apparently missed the NFL draft.

Dallas vs. Carolina


Chicago vs. Green Bay

Note: Full disclosure… That Miami Hurricanes humblebrag only held the title of “worst” until this post. Shortest title reign, ever.

And, an actual funny comment:

Detroit vs. New York Jets

Now, back to more garbage:

Atlanta vs. Philadelphia


Houston vs. New England

‘Note: This comment was about Tom Brady and how bad he is at football.

Miami vs. Tennessee


Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati


Oakland vs. Los Angeles Rams

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