Hot Takes from Crazy People: Stupid Super Bowl Comments Edition

Not even the most British of recipes is saltier, more bitter, and more horribly misinformed than these hot takes from people who go on the Internet once a year to give some stupid Super Bowl comments. 

First, let’s unveil our first of many entries in the category of “I’m so boring I railroad every conversation into politics so I can state my ignorant, one-sided opinion.” Like this take, from an article about Malcolm Butler’s benching:

Trump colors

Cool, cool. No, wait a minute… isn’t asking for one black person to be benched while 100 play a data point against racist motives? Maybe I’m overthinking it, I should be more like this poster from, who doesn’t worry about little things like “the fact that 4 and 9 are actually different numbers:”

Bad add

The Patriots missed one field goal, one extra point, and lost by 8.

I’m not going to preface this next comment, nor am I going to cite the source. However, if you guess what source it’s probably from, you would most likely guess right.

Looting by blacks

Okay, it’s from Fox News.

Let’s steer into the skid and present this comment, from an article about Cris Collinsworth’s apparently slanted commenting:

Maybe liberal

I don’t know what to say about that. Except that it is still less out-of-touch than this quip from an article summarizing the Super Bowl, which has been going stale for 30 years:

Bud Bundy

Also, there’s this:

Olympics type celebration

I can’t tell if “an Olympics type celebration” means “celebrating that it’s an Olympic year, just like it is every other year,” or, “hey every team’s players should run around the stadium before the game,” but I can tell that this is all dumb.

Luckily, the NFL is going to be hurting financially because… racists want it to be:

Feel it

Mentioned just days after Fox paid $600 million for the garbage Thursday Night Football slot.

Finally, the “if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones or take a shower,” award goes to someone in this exchange:

Of course california

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