Hot Takes from Crazy People: Eagles-Rams Was Just Like the Last Jedi

It’s almost playoff time, when you can finally cash in on all those preseason bets-of-hubris. Unless, of course, you have such low self esteem you need to pat yourself on the back NOW for making a totally obvious prediction that hasn’t even come true yet: 

Needs pats
From an article about (what else) James Harrison signing with the Pats.

Speaking of situations where people are acting like babies… Did you know that acting like Tom Savage having a seizure resembling Tom Cruise in Cocktail sans drink shaker is a “big deal” makes you an infantile jackass? Well, get ready to be served by the “woken” comment from an article about the player’s unions moves to make concussion protocol better in wake of Tom Savage twitching harder than a The Osbournes  reunion show:

Baby Games hot takes

Sure, we’ll just stop watching America’s most popular sport out of shame for our feelings of empathy towards a man literally shaking more than a Tumblrite SJW watching Mad Men.

Speaking of people who, if everyone with their opinion were to die out then the world will be a better place, let’s play “which of these things is not like the other:”


Yes, how dare he let Hardy go, just because he slammed his girlfriend into a huge pile of guns. This was from a comment on the former Panthers GM heading to the Giants.

I’m kind of in a dark place after that last one, so let’s just do a hard transition to the next group of crazy people. People who can’t handle their random man-crushes not being mentioned in an article about the MVP race:

Since we’re talking about MVP, this column actually has an MVP for “most tragically crazy commenters in one article:”

These were taken from an article about the Eagles-Raiders game. Which probably set an MVP for “most crazy people in one stadium.” Hold on: MVP is just another way of saying “World Record,” right? Yeah, pretty sure it is.

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