Los Angeles Chargers Fans: the NFL’s Least Annoying Football Fans

Chargers best fans
It’s widespread knowledge that the NFL’s most annoying fans are Seahawks, Patriots, and Vikings fans (in that order) and it got me thinking: who might be the least annoying NFL fan?  And I thought about it, and realized, its Los Angeles Chargers fans.  We’re unicorns out in the wild.  I’d like to make our case.   
Chargers best fans
Actually, a “charger” is a type of Unicorn. Look it up.
This year, the Chargers fans have a good team, and have managed to put themselves in a playoff contending position, with a record of 8-7 going into the final game of the season.  If Canadians idealized a football fanbase, it might as well be us.  Should we win the Super Bowl, mark my words, there will be no riots.   We are well behaved and reserve riots for social and racial injustices, not for sporting contests.
San Diego best fans.
Los Angeles hasn’t had a sports riot in 67 years. Look it up
Vis-à-vis gross economic inequalities and high costs of rent, many of our second jobs revolve around the sharing economy, where we are happy to open our homes on Airbnb, and delighted to Uber you around on our beloved 10, 101, and 405 freeways to the game.  While we’re not willing to pay 100 dollars for parking at Stubhub Center, we are happy to share our intimate 27,000 seat venue, where you as a visiting fan can relish in boisterous fellowship with other fans of your football team.
Stubhub Center
Stubhub Center: Come for the football, stay for the… what is that? Tennis?
We have been astutely aware that the National Football League owners for years have cajoled concessions by using the threat to “move to Los Angeles” premise.   Our premise is more like: Come out here for a short weekend getaway and enjoy the warm weather   We’re a fun place to visit, and any good Chargers fans can recommend really pleasant brunch places.  Personally, I recommend Republique on La Brea.
Republique is even done up in Chargers colors, especially if you think brown and gold are the same color!
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