Five Fascinating Facts about Week 8

Facts about week 8

I wanted, “Eight Enlightening Facts about Week 8,” but our quality control department is strict as to what qualifies as “fascinating.” 

Facts about week 8
Here, the lion attacking downtown Detroit symbolizes the overseas car production market

1. Detroit had 482 yards of offense without scoring a touchdown. Sadly, this poor display wasn’t even bad enough to set a record: The San Francisco 49ers had 501 yards of offense without a touchdown against Washington in 1986

2. The Buffalo Bills are 4-0 at home for the first time since 1995. You know what else they haven’t done since the 90s? That’s right, Y2K compliance!

3. Entering their bad-weather matchup against the Jets, Atlanta had only fumbled four times all season. The Falcons matched that total on Sunday

4. The 49ers are 0-8 for the first time in team history. Their all-time worst record for an entire season is 2-14, which they have “achieved” four times, including last year

5. Russell Wilson accounted for a shocking 99.3% of Seattle’s total offensive yards. Wilson rushed and threw for a combined 482 yards, the rest of his team mustering only 3 additional yards on the ground

Facts about week 8
Wilson is so robotic because, if he allowed himself to feel emotion, he would yell at his offensive line for 5 straight days


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