26 Fascinating Facts about Week 5 of the NFL

Week 5 of the NFL has wrapped, and I’m still reeling at the last second heroics of a certain team. Yes, that should fool readers into thinking I don’t write my copy ahead of time. Here are 26 need-to-know-now facts about week 5 of the NFL:

  1. Dallas lost their 3rd game in 4 tries. Last year’s #1 seed in the NFC has now lost as many games as they did all last season [Source: Around the NFL podcast]
  2. Thomas Rawls led Seattle’s motley crew of running backs with a whopping 20 yards [Source: Around the NFL podcast]
  3. Carolina Panther Ed Dickson had 5 catches for 175 yards, but did not score [Source: Around the NFL podcast]
  4. While running out the clock against Pittsburgh, Jacksonville had 18 straight running plays [Source: Around the NFL podcast]
  5. Jacksonville is 3-2, matching their win total in 2016 and 2014
  6. Tennessee-Miami netted 366 total yards for both teams combined [Source: Around the NFL podcast]
  7. The Jets have won three straight games, and are tied for first place in the NFC East
    Week 5 of the NFL
    As a full-time bandwagon jumper, I’d like to announce my week 5 of the NFL prediction that the Jets will win the Superbowl


  8. Cleveland outgained the Jets 419-212, but still lost
  9. A.J. Green had a good day, statistically. However two passes bounced off him for interceptions, and he lost a fumble in Cincinnati’s win over Buffalo
  10. Odell Beckham, Jr. is the 65th highest paid receiver [Source: Around the NFL podcast]. His negotiating skills will be severely crimped, as he is out for season
  11. Houston-Kansas City was 23-13 entering the fourth quarter, then both teams erupted for 40 points in the final 15 minutes
  12. Tom Brady needs just 1 more win to set the NFL record for most regular season wins by a quarterback. He is currently in a three-way tie with Peyton Manning and Brett Favre
  13. Baltimore had only 3 passes over 20 yards in their first four games. In their fifth game, Mike Wallace caught three of these long balls

    Week 5 of the NFL
    What is Mike Wallace catching? Draw it in and send it to us for our Mike Wallace Contest.
    EDIT: Mike Wallace Contest has been canceled, because every entry was a dong

  14. Josh McCown played in Cleveland for two seasons, yet he just got his first win in the Rock & Roll capital of the world last Sunday as a member of the visiting Jets. 
  15. McCown has won three games in a row as a starter for the first time in his 15-year career 
  16. First overall pick Miles Garrett got a sack on his first ever regular-season NFL snap 
  17. Adam Vinatieri passed Gary Anderson for 2nd place on the all-time-most-field-goals list. He needs 27 more to pass Morten Anderson for 1rst
  18. In 1986, the Browns, 49ers, and Giants all won their divisions. In 2017, the Browns, 49ers, and Giants all started 0-5
  19. Four Giants’ receivers were knocked out of Sunday’s game, in which they gave the Chargers their first win in ten games 
  20. The Miami Dolphins are 2-2 despite scoring only 3 offensive touchdowns in 4 games 
  21. Larry Fitzgerald had his 200th straight game with a catch. Jerry Rice holds the all-time record with 274
    week 5 of the nfl
    The romantic tension is notably palpable. They are about to dance


  22. Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh for the first time in 10 years 
  23. Aaron Jones, one of three running backs named Aaron to carry the ball for Green Bay on Sunday, broke 100 yards in his first-ever start
  24. Dez Bryant needs one more TD catch to tie Bob Hayes for most TD receptions by a Cowboy 
  25. Mitch Trubisky becomes the first 1rst-round-pick QB to make his debut on Monday Night Football in 9 years. The last first rounder to make their opening on MNF? Aaron Rodgers
  26. Ben Roethlisberger’s 5 interceptions were the most for his career, and the most by any Pittsburgh Steeler in 30 years

    week 5 of the nfl
    Maybe Ben did retire in the offseason, and he just forgot to stop showing up

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