Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Should You Start Jay Cutler over Jameis Winston?

Start Jay Cutler

This week my co-worker, Jeff Krisko, suggested that starting Jameis Winston is the smart fantasy football play.  I’m not going to lie to you.  He is absolutely correct.  I can’t argue with this pick at all.  But if you don’t have Jameis Winston, you might want to start Jay Cutler.

Maybe, if I was being nit-picky, I could say that Thursday night games are unpredictable, but let’s be real.  They are playing the New England Patriots.  The last time we saw the Patriots on Thursday night, the Kansas City Chiefs had no problems embarrassing the worst defense in football.

Now before you close your browser, shut down your computer and burn everything to the ground, hear me out.  I know that the last two games from Jay Cutler have been terrible.  Bears fans would be laughing if they hadn’t had to watch Mike Glennon replace him.  I’m saying that Jay Cutler can still turn this season around.

The last two weeks, he’s thrown for 384 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.  He was sacked 7 times.  I get it, it looks bad.  But the Dolphins haven’t had a home game this season.  After Hurricane Irma devastated Florida, the Miami Dolphins first game was postponed.  Then they had two road games, followed by a home game in London.  Just to be clear, the Dolphins had their first home game in week four of the NFL season on another continent and in a city where none of the players live.  But for the first time this year, they will be at home.

And most important of all, they will be at home hosting the Tennessee Titans with all Miami has to offer.  But what the Titans have to offer the Dolphins is what matters.  In standard leagues, the Tennessee Titans have given up 23.9 points per game to quarterbacks.  That is the second most points given up to fantasy quarterbacks.  If there is a team to help the Miami Dolphins offense get right, it is the Tennessee Titans.

So if you want to roll out with Jameis Winston, I don’t blame you.  Of course you should roll out with Winston.  If you don’t want to roll out with Jameis Winston, what the hell is wrong with you?  He’s playing the freaking Patriots.  Do you hate winning?  Start Jameis Winston if you have him!  But if starting Jameis Winston isn’t an option, you might want to start Jay Cutler.


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