Waiver Wire Quarterback Week Five: Fantasy Football Quarterbacks aka Tennessee Makes Titans Of Us All

Jared Goff Player Profile

As we head into the week five waiver wire pool, you are starting to miss your chance to get a break out candidate at quarterback.  There is one every year  You’ve been swimming in the shallow end of the waiver wire pool, but it’s time to swim in the deep end  So let us examine what our best waiver wire quarterback options for week five are, while we still have the chance.

Jared GoffOwned in 22% of leagues — Remember last week when I said that Jared Goff has home run potential?  The bad news is that by now, the rest of your league has come to the same realization.  After throwing for 255 yards and 2 touchdowns, Goff should be the top waiver wire quarterback target going into week five.

Deshaun Watson — Owned in 31% of leagues — I already talked about Deshaun Watson in yesterday’s article about week four’s biggest surprises.  So it should come as no surprise that after throwing for 283 yards and scoring 5 combined touchdowns, Watson is going to be a hot commodity on the week five waiver wire.  But buyer beware with Watson.  He doesn’t get to play Tennessee every week, so I’d be careful about burning your waiver priority on him.

Andy Dalton — Owned in 46% of leagues — The good news is Andy Dalton has strung together two good games in a row after a terrible start to the season.  The bad news is he is still Andy Dalton.  Throwing for 286 yards and 4 touchdowns might make you think he can help you at quarterback, but only if you aren’t thinking clearly.  Dalton should only be looked upon as a streamer option based on match-up.  Don’t burn your waiver position on him.

Other notable quarterbacks to monitor

Trevor Siemian — Owned in 50% of leagues

Tyrod Taylor — Owned in 45% of leagues

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