23 Fascinating Facts about the NFL Week 4

Facts about the NFL week 4

Week 4 has come to a close, and it went exactly as expected (provided you are a totally optimistic fan of the Bills, Panthers, and Jets). Here are a few dozen facts about the NFL week 4. 

  1. Week 3 saw a final score that had never happened before in the NFL (41-39). This week there were two never-before-seen scores: 57-14 and 46-18
  2. The division with the best overall record is, oddly enough, the NFC South
  3. The Los Angeles Rams’ offense was all but unstoppable: They managed to record no turnovers and only punted the ball twice [Source: The Around-the-NFL Podcast]
  4. The Ravens allowed 10 total points in their first two games and 70 in their last two games
  5. Before he got injured, Derek Carr led the Raiders on a 99-yard touchdown drive, the first one for the team since 2011[Source: ESPN]
  6.  The Broncos haven’t allowed a score in the first quarter, this year. They kept the Raiders from even making a first down until the second quarter of yesterday’s game

    facts about the NFL
    No first downs in the first quarter? A shocking event for the Raiders, unless you came here in a time machine from ANY TIME BETWEEN 2004-2015
  7. Their 57-point outpouring was the Texans highest scoring game, and the highest score in the NFL since the Patriots scored 59 against the Colts in 2012
  8. With their win over the Bears on Thursday night, the Packers took control of the all-time series between the two teams, 95-94-6. This is the first time they’ve led the series since 1933 [Source: ESPN]
  9. New Orleans’ 20-0 win was the lowest even NFL score for a game played in London [Source: ESPN]
  10. Will Lutz kicked a field goal for New Orleans as time expired in the first half. Had that not happened, the Dolphins-Saints matchup would have been the 1st NFL first-half with no score since 2011. [Source: ESPN]
  11. The Browns are not only winless, they haven’t had the lead in any game [Source: ESPN]
  12. It was ironic that Jay Cutler played horribly in London, the broadcast team for the game was the broadcast team Cutler was supposed to be a part of, before he came out of retirement. They took plenty of opportunities to dunk on Cutler during his poor performance [Source: Around the NFL Podcast]
  13. The Bills have set a team record for most consecutive quarters without an offensive turnover: They are at 15 and counting. [Source: ESPN]
  14. One of the saddest facts about the NFL week 4: The Jaguars were the favorites to win on the road for the first time in 45 games. They lost to the New York Jets. [Source: ESPN]

    Facts about the NFL week 4
    I searched Google images for “Jags vs Jets,” and it only returned suicide hotline numbers and this perplexingly incongruous image
  15. The Bills allowed their first passing touchdown of the year in the first quarter of their win over Atlanta. [Source: ESPN]
  16. In the previous 5 seasons, Tom Brady has only lost two home games in the same season once. He has already dropped two games at home, this year [Source: ESPN]
  17.  The Rams are 3-1. Last year, they also started 3-1, then went 1-11 to finish the season [Source: ESPN]
  18. Houston scored a touchdown on their first three possessions, the first time since 2008 [Source: ESPN]
  19. The 49ers sacked Carson Palmer four times in the 4th quarter. That’s one more sack than they had in their first three games combined [Source: ESPN]
  20. Robbie Gould hit all 5 of his field goals. He hasn’t missed an FG since 2015 [Source: ESPN]
  21. The Chargers are 0-4 for the first time since 2003, before Phillip Rivers joined [Source: ESPN]
  22. The New York Giants finally got their first rushing touchdown. Fans will have to wait to see a back score, as the running TD was scored by Eli Manning [Source: ESPN]
  23. Frank Gore needs just 4 more rushing yards to pass Eric Dickerson for 7th all time [Source: ESPN]

    Facts about the NFL week 4
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