Fantasy Football Week Four Biggest Surprises

Deshaun Watson Player Profile

Week four has come and one and if you played any of the top players from this week, I have to wonder what other terrible decisions you are making in your life.  So let us sit back and examine some of the biggest fantasy football week four surprises.

Deshaun Watson is the quarterback with the least amount of NFL experience, but that didn’t stop him from being the fantasy football week four winner.  Watson threw for 283 yards, 4 touchdowns and 1 interception.  He also rushed for an additional 24 yards and 1 touchdown.  Watson systematically dismantled the Tennessee Titans defense, showing why he was regarded as one of the top prospects in this past years NFL draft.

Bilal Powell’s fantasy football week four performance was impressive, amassing 163 yards on the ground and 1 touchdown.  If someone had told me that one of the top offensive NFL players in week four would come from the New York Jets, I would have assumed that person was mad at a player taking a knee.  But Bilal Powell showed that even the Jets can be offensive without being offensive to watch.

Devin Funchess had one of the best fantasy football week four games while facing a New England Patriots defense that couldn’t wait to let people score on them.  And Devin Funchess was happy to take what the Patriots were giving him, with 7 catches for 70 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns.

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