Fantasy Football 2021 One-Sentence Summaries: Rounds 10 through 12

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Do you need a quick rundown on every player drafted in your fantasy football leagues? Look no further than our round-by-round one-sentence summaries for a fantasy football crash course! Below you’ll find one-sentence blurbs for every player taken in rounds ten through twelve in fantasy football drafts. The average draft position comes thanks to aggregation from

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Round 10 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
109 Kenyan Drake LV RB-39 11.09 10.01 Kenyan Drake is having an exceptionally anonymous training camp, and he’s pushing four weeks without a Rotoworld update; he’s in a lower-tier pass-catching role than your Jamaals Williams and Nyheims Hines, but he still might have some value.
110 Jaylen Waddle MIA WR-45 11.10 10.02 The Miami Dolphins’ #6 overall pick might just already be the best wide receiver on the roster; he left week two of the preseason with an injury but returned without issue.
111 David Johnson HOU RB-40 12.01 10.03 The only argument for taking David Johnson is that he leads the running back room in Houston, but preseason reporting says that may no longer be the case.
112 Trevor Lawrence JAX QB-14 12.02 10.04 The #1 overall pick looks a lot like a rookie so far in the preseason; he likely doesn’t enter the streaming conversation for a month or so into the season.
113 Marquise Brown BAL WR-46 12.03 10.05 “Hollywood” Brown is quietly dealing with a hamstring injury, overshadowed by Rashod Bateman’s core muscle injury; he’s off my draft board entirely as a spate of touchdowns boosted his end-of-season points without a change in usage or talent.
114 Mike Williams LAC WR-47 12.04 10.06 If he can stay healthy, Mike Williams has a 1,000 yards, 10-touchdown upside; while he doesn’t miss a lot of games, Williams’ injury proclivity has been a problem in his career.
115 Rob Gronkowski TB TE-14 12.05 10.07 Gronkowski had fewer than 30 yards in half his games with Antonio Brown in 2020 and surpassed 60 yards just once in that span.
116 Marvin Jones JAX WR-48 12.06 10.08 If anyone in Jacksonville will be Trevor Lawrence’s safety blanket, it’s the guy who averaged 5 catches for 60 yards per game over the last two seasons in Detroit.
117 Darnell Mooney CHI WR-49 12.07 10.09 If Marvin Jones is the safe floor in the tenth round, then Darnell Mooney is the massive upside; Mooney ranked tenth in unrealized air yards in 2020 and gets a massive QB upgrade when Justin Fields takes the… well, the field.
118 Michael Pittman Jr. IND WR-50 12.08 10.10 Michael Pittman Jr. profiles as a young Alshon Jeffery, who was Indy QB Carson Wentz’s safety blanket for several years in Philadelphia; if you miss on Mooney, he’s a good upside consolation prize.
119 Mecole Hardman KC WR-51 12.09 10.11 I truly do not understand the Mecole Hardman hype; if you correctly picked the highest-scoring WR2 in KC last year, you ended up with WR40 on the year.
120 Matt Ryan ATL QB-15 12.10 10.12 Matt Ryan at QB15 feels exactly right; he was QB14 last year and Kyle Pitts needs to be Julio Jones for Matt Ryan to end up inside the top-12… and I’m not bullish that he will be approximate to a Hall of Famer.
Round 11 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
121 Gus Edwards BAL RB-41 13.01 11.01 If the Ravens situation plays out like it looks like it might (with Gus Edwards getting a bigger share of the carries than we hope), then this could be a steal in every format.
122 Tony Pollard DAL RB-42 13.02 11.02 Pollard might spell Ezekiel Elliott enough to annoy him, but I don’t foresee any standalone value for Pollard unless Elliott gets hurt; he’s the first complete handcuff off of the board; don’t take him, take the next guy.
123 Jamaal Williams DET RB-43 13.03 11.03 D’Andre Swift is already banged up, and Dan Campbell invoked the specter of Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray, so he’s probably your last-best upside running back at this point.
124 Devin Singletary BUF RB-44 13.04 11.04 Devin Singletary needs to wrest a role away from both Zack Moss (who is better than him) and Josh Allen (who is better than him) but hey he looked good when Moss was banged up so all systems go, I guess?
125 Henry Ruggs LV WR-52 13.05 11.05 In a crop of a zillion incredible year-one wide receivers, Henry Ruggs, the first one taken, is the forgotten man; Bryan Edwards, who went two rounds later, is getting more publicity… and honestly, Ruggs is in a “show me something first” state for me.
126 Baker Mayfield CLE QB-16 13.06 11.06 Baker Mayfield allows a bit of a rushing floor, but I am not super excited about ending up with him as my QB1; the man question with him is if the Baker we saw after the monsoon games (291 passing yards, 2 touchdowns per game) is a new reality.
127 Corey Davis NYJ WR-53 13.07 11.07 Corey Davis is alongside Marquez Callaway in the “if you see him down here, smash draft” all-stars, but Corey Davis’ great week two preseason game could be partly due to Elijah Moore missing the game due to a thigh injury.
128 Justin Fields CHI QB-17 13.08 11.08 Justin Fields will be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears for at least 14 games this season, he’s an easy draft and stash at this position.
129 Jonnu Smith NE TE-15 13.09 11.09 Jonnu Smith was already banged up, but he’s back at practice as the only Patriots’ tight end worth a sniff; get him if you punt the position, but add a second upside guy like Blake Jarwin, Cole Kmet, Gerald Everett, or Adam Trautman.
130 Kirk Cousins MIN QB-18 13.10 11.10 Kirk Cousins does not provide a high upside and the man is on a collision course with COVID-19; do not worry about having him on your roster in a 1QB league.
131 Nyheim Hines IND RB-45 14.01 11.11 I lied when I said that Jamaal Williams is your last best upside running back… Nyheim Hines has a chance to finish top-24 in PPR leagues this season, and he’s just hanging out down here between COVID Kirk and TY Motel 8.
132 T.Y. Hilton IND WR-54 14.02 11.12 Please don’t do this to yourself, he has one game over 90 yards in the last two seasons.
Round 12 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
133 DeVante Parker MIA WR-55 14.03 12.01 This will be his seventh season and he has one year with over 800 yards under his belt, there are better players to take down here; just take a DST if you’re so desperate to light a pick on fire.
134 Trey Lance SF QB-19 14.04 12.02 Lance is Justin Fields-lite; he offers the same rushing upside, but the coaching staff has a loyalty to the incumbent QB there… this is another draft-and-stash play.
135 Cole Beasley BUF WR-56 14.05 12.03 Captain COVID-19 is already on the list; outside of a deep PPR league depth play, he’s probably more trouble than he’s worth.
136 Hunter Henry NE TE-16 14.06 12.04 He’s never lived up to expectations and he’s already hurt… but he could lead the Patriots in targets per game, so keep an eye on him.
137 Evan Engram NYG TE-17 14.07 12.05 The Giants offense is dreadful and the Fisher-Price drum I meekly banged for Evan Engram has a hole in it now.
138 Tua Tagovailoa MIA QB-20 14.08 12.06 Tua is your last best chance at a massive upside swing.
139 Los Angeles Rams LAR DEF-1 14.09 12.07 My general philosophy is to not break the seal on a D/ST but if the Rams are sitting there in round twelve, please break the seal… they get Andy Dalton in week one.
140 Latavius Murray NO RB-46 14.10 12.08 Murray seems to have lost his “solid backup” job to Tony Jones (who?) but I think Latavius Murray is still the better player and this is just Sean Payton playing games.
141 Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB-21 15.01 12.09 Ben Roethlisberger is likely to end up in the top-15 QBs this year, just given the weapons around him; if you took an upside player, Ben’s not a bad guy to pair him with.
142 Jared Cook LAC TE-18 15.02 12.10 He’s old and touchdown-dependent, in a new offense, that never prioritized the tight end.
143 Russell Gage ATL WR-57 15.03 12.11 There’s some buzz around Russell Gage as a sleeper, so if you want to draft a WR57 who ends up around WR45, I have the sleeper for you.
144 Adam Trautman NO TE-19 15.04 12.12 An injury and something called “Juwan Johnson” might be derailing a breakout year two; do not fear the blocking statistics… if you thought he was good at football, you are right.
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