Fantasy Football 2021 One-Sentence Summaries: Rounds 13 through 15

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Do you need a quick rundown on every player drafted in your fantasy football leagues? Look no further than our round-by-round one-sentence summaries for a fantasy football crash course! Below you’ll find one-sentence blurbs for every player taken in the last three rounds of fifteen-round fantasy football drafts. The average draft position comes thanks to aggregation from

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Rounds 13-15

Round 13 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
145 Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB DEF-2 15.05 13.01 The Buccaneers were top-six in each of the last two seasons and returned everyone of note from their Super Bowl team, but I still don’t feel like taking a DST here is a good value.
146 Pittsburgh Steelers PIT DEF-3 15.06 13.02 The Steelers are back-to-back DST1 champs, so maybe don’t listen to what I said and lock them in here.
147 Alexander Mattison MIN RB-47 15.07 13.03 Alexander Mattison is a pure handcuff to Dalvin Cook, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a good B.S. barometer.
148 Emmanuel Sanders BUF WR-58 15.08 13.04 Emmanuel Sanders will likely get a lot of run with the Buffalo Bills this season since half of their top-four wide receivers are physically incapable of avoiding stepping in doggie doo with regards to the COVID-19 vaccine.
149 Deshaun Watson HOU QB-22 15.09 13.05 Bad person, do not draft.
150 Derek Carr LV QB-23 15.10 13.06 Derek Carr was quietly QB13 last season, so a step forward could find him in the unsexy Kirk Cousins 2020 QB11 role.
151 Eric Ebron PIT TE-20 16.01 13.07 Ebron had a lot of targets last year, and is likely going to end up in the streaming discussion; don’t chase the name in the draft.
152 J.D. McKissic WAS RB-48 16.02 13.08 McKissic had 110 targets last year and it feels like he is going to lose a ton of targets this year… but even if he loses 40 targets, he still likely ends up top-10 in RB targets.
153 Phillip Lindsay HOU RB-49 16.03 13.09 Phillip Lindsay could be a steal late because he could ultimately be the RB1 for the Texans… so go ahead and draft him… and get… RB1 for the Texans.
154 Washington Football Team WAS DEF-4 16.04 13.10 Washington Football Team might have the best defense in the NFL when all is said and done; their only worry is that Ryan Fitzpatrick YOLOs the defense into a ton of short fields and cheap points go against their ledger.
155 James White NE RB-50 16.05 13.11 James White is a value version of Nyheim Hines, but you have to wait for Mac Jones to get the nod; once that happens, it’s off to the races.
156 Zach Ertz PHI TE-21 16.06 13.12 Zach Ertz could be a massive breakout this year as he returns to form, and by that I mean he ends up around TE8 when all is said and done.
Round 14 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
157 Baltimore Ravens BAL DEF-5 16.07 14.01 The Ravens haven’t had a top-six DST since 2017, but sure go ahead and take them as the fifth one off the board.
158 Ryan Fitzpatrick WAS QB-24 16.08 14.02 Ryan Fitzpatrick is the ultimate 1QB punt play quarterback, but I am not comfortable with him in a 1QB league.
159 Randall Cobb GB WR-59 16.09 14.03 I love him in the Randall Cobb role in Green Bay.
160 Nelson Agholor NE WR-60 16.10 14.04 If you get the urge to take Nelson Agholor, just take Jakobi Meyers instead.
161 Sterling Shepard NYG WR-61 17.01 14.05 The Giants’ offense is a mess and when everything is at full bore, he’s the fourth weapon, at best.
162 Rashod Bateman BAL WR-62 17.02 14.06 A core muscle surgery killed his ADP; if you have a spot to stash him, go for it… the Ravens think he will be back in September.
163 Cole Kmet CHI TE-22 17.03 14.07 Cole Kmet needs to get some blackmail on Jimmy Graham to get him to retire; until that happens, the breakout might be on hold.
164 A.J. Green ARI WR-63 17.04 14.08 Please do not draft A.J. Green, the only player I can say lit 100+ targets on fire in 2020.
165 Blake Jarwin DAL TE-23 17.05 14.09 An ACL tear put the Blake Jarwin Breakout campaign on hold, but the flow chart for the logic (Dalton Schultz) finished as TE14).
166 Austin Hooper CLE TE-24 17.06 14.10 Hooper is a post-hype sleeper, and if OBJ and/or Landry falter, then he could be the top target for the Mistake by the Lake.
167 Daniel Jones NYG QB-25 17.07 14.11 Daniel Jones was one of my players who I told Joe Pisapia I was excited to see, now I am excited to see what they do in the 2022 offseason at QB.
168 Zach Wilson NYJ QB-26 17.08 14.12 If you are obsessed with getting a Meadowlands quarterback, please get this one.
Round 15 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
169 Jamison Crowder NYJ WR-64 17.09 15.01 It feels like leaning into Jamison Crowder is buying into a set of circumstances from the 2020 Jets that no longer exist on the 2021 Jets.
170 Cam Newton NE QB-27 17.10 15.02 He likely lost his job to Mac Jones thanks to COVID-19 protocols (and being just okay at football at this point).
171 Jared Goff DET QB-28 18.01 15.03 One of three quarterbacks who should start all 17 games, barring injury, left in this tier; he’s a great third QB in a 2QB for that fact, but I’m not excited about his upside.
172 Carson Wentz IND QB-29 18.02 15.04 If Wentz’s foot heals properly and without setbacks, this will be an absolute steal.
173 Taysom Hill NO QB-30 18.03 15.05 Please don’t do this to yourself, it’s going to be Jameis, but if you get desperate, go for it.
174 San Francisco 49ers SF DEF-6 18.04 15.06 The Niners bottomed out on defensive injuries last season, so you’re really betting on a bounceback here.
175 Sam Darnold CAR QB-31 18.05 15.07 Darnold will start all seventeen games, so in a 2QB league, getting him as QB31 is a boon and a steal… also don’t do this in a 1QB league.
176 Chuba Hubbard CAR RB-51 18.06 15.08 This is everyone who took CMC at 1.01 rounding out their drafts with a handcuff.
177 Indianapolis Colts IND DEF-7 18.07 15.09 The Colts finished as the DST2 last season, thanks to leading the league in dfensive touchdowns and safeties.
178 Buffalo Bills BUF DEF-8 18.08 15.10 Sneaky play here as the Bills spent all their premium draft capital on
179 Jameis Winston NO QB-32 18.09 15.11 He’s the starter in New Orleans, whatever that means to you… the last time he was a starter he threw 30 touchdowns (and 30 interceptions).
180 Elijah Moore NYJ WR-65 18.10 15.12 Massive upside, injured thigh, could cut him in week three, but he’s literally the last pick!
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