Championship Fantasy Football Team Names: Bratest Amarican Ito

This list was co-written by Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, Karl Leslie, Jason Lu, Amanda Rez, and Bryan Sclar. Congrats on winning your fantasy football league! Hopefully, you took advantage of our Beersheets, original auction strategy, multiple daily articles, and/or advice Discord to cruise to a championship. We’re here for you! But, there’s still one important step left before you shelve your fantasy team until August: Pick from this list of fantasy football team names to reflect that you won a championship. That way, every time someone in your league looks at the league, they will be reminded that YOU won and THEY did not!

We hope this list is enough to nail a player on your team. Honestly, I don’t even care if my team name reflects a player I have, so long as it’s creative enough to let everyone know I have at least a wrinkle or two on my brain. But if you like having your team name include a player (or two or three) on your squad and you don’t see one here, check our 2019 list. If that still doesn’t help, hop into our team names writers’ room and make the request. We love you!

Championship Fantasy Football Team Names

Tua Good Koo Lose

Kamaraca Numba One!

King Kamarameha

Thielen Like a Boston

I Always Win EvansTualy

Trophy Kupp

Tua Time Champ

Winning is Everetthing

Gould Ahmedalist

Myles Ahmed of Everyone

Kareem of the Garop

We Carr the Campions

Bratest Amarican Ito

Hurts So Goodwin

Can’t Ceedee View from Kupp Here

Kicking Butker and Diontaeking Names

Cham-Blankenship Bell-t

I’m Going to Dissny-Gurld!

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