BeerSheet Request Form

If a BeerSheet already matches your rules, you will be given a link to the file. If not, a custom BeerSheet will be created for you typically within 1 day.

If your league does not conform to the requirements of the form, please PM me directly (/u/BeerSheets) and I’ll see what I can do.

Please note that I cannot do anything that is not on this form. That means IDP, bonus scoring, keepers, dynasty, return yards, position-specific scoring, or anything similar.

RB/WR/TE flex.
RB/WR flex.
WR/TE flex.
QB/RB/WR/TE super-flex.
points per passing TD.
points per rushing TD.
points per receiving TD.
points per passing yard.
points per rushing yard.
points per receiving yard.
points per completion.
points per incompletion.Typically, this number is negative.
points per interception.
points per carry.Typically, this number is positive.
points per reception (PPR).
TE PPR Premium (added to PPR).
points per first down (PPFD).
auction money.
Duh nuh nuh nuhhh!
Over 100,000 words, some of them good!