Dirty 2021 Fantasy Football Team Names

[Co-authored by: Ken Bakken, Norman Berg, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, JB, Joseph Leszkowicz, Jason Lu, Tony Martin, Amanda Rez, Rowan, Bryan Sclar, Zach]

I know what you think: We Football Absurdity analysts are far too hoity-toity to come up with lowbrow dirty fantasy football team names. We’re too busy zipping off to ritzy charity balls on our Shetland pony (we all share the same one). Well get ready to be really wrong, spiteful readers: We’re about to roll up our dickies and get our perfectly manicured hands dirty!

But a few ground rules, just to keep it classy: We aren’t going to make any dirty team names that lampoon any criminal activity. So if you’re wondering why a team name like “Sexual Deshault” isn’t on the list, know that it is because we would never, ever publish something that is making fun of a really traumatic situation.

I hope that didn’t ruin the mood too much, because it’s time for our 2021 list of dirty fantasy football team names.

2021 Dirty Fantasy Football Team Names

  • ConnAllenGus
  • Steeler Vir-Ginn-i-Tee
  • Hock Blockers
  • Let’s Mac Love in the Woods
  • Moorening Woods
  • Tee-Rectile Dez-Funchess
  • SixTee Hine
  • Mac-ing Love in the Dak of a Carr
  • Sermon Shooting out of My Chubb
  • Charkolate Wallty Galls
  • Kupp the Butker
  • TRoJon Conner-doms
  • My Chubb THiggens
  • Robert Kraft enjoys Chubb & Ruggs
  • Cleveland Kareemer
  • Fant-y Swifter
  • Fant-y DHopper
  • My Chubb’s Hardman
  • BJ Moore
  • Back Alie-CoxTucker
  • Baker Clothes Goff
  • ‘Shew Gus Your TeeDees
  • CeeDees Lutz
  • Pupu Sniff-Schuster
  • Tucker White in Claypoo-sy
  • AstroClyde
  • Ruggs Muncher
  • Does Tee KylePitt Match the Drakes?
  • Dobb-le Penny-Trey-tion
  • Succ a Badg of Diggs
  • Knox Her Kupp
  • Allen Diggs Moore Brown Chubb
  • BJ Cockenson
  • My Chubb Won’t Fitz
  • Saquon Tee-z Nuts
  • Sutton My Moss-tache

If you want to, jump in our writers’ room and have a blast kicking around fun fantasy football team names.

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