Start or Sit Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill or Gardner Minshew in Fantasy Football Week 3?

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It is week three of the 2020 NFL season and that means we need to figure out who we should start or sit this week.  The theme of this week’s quarterbacks is out with the old and in with the new. A changing of the guard is never easy, but some of the young talent at quarterback is going to make this transition easier.  So we need to ask ourselves, should we start or sit Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, or Gardner Minshew.

Start or Sit Tom Brady versus Denver?

I don’t know if someone slipped a strawberry into his protein shake, but Tom Brady is the football player we all know and… well, just know.  All of his career numbers are down, except for his turnovers.  Over the past two games, Brady already has four turnovers.  In week one, the New Orleans Saints defense clowned him.  In week two, the best that can be said about his performance was that it was passable.  Of course, Brady was playing a mediocre Carolina Panthers defense, so passable is not exactly what we want.

Now, we shouldn’t be surprised.  The man is 97 years old.  At some point, the years catch up to you. Especially when you leave your previous team/dark necromancer to move on to greener pastures in sunny Tampa Bay.  Brady has the most talented skill position group he’s had in years, with two legitimate #1 wide receivers, yet this is the worst he’s ever looks. And in week three, he is playing a Denver team that has allowed just five touchdowns through two games.  Even though he is rostered in 97% of leagues, you still need to sit Tom Brady in week three. Or, maybe

Start or Sit Ryan Tannehill versus Minnesota?

While Ryan Tannehill isn’t old, he certainly looks brand new.  Ryan Tannehill reinvented himself after escaping the fantasy wasteland that is any team coached by Adam Gase.  Last year, I found myself forced to defend Tannehill to people who thought he was bad because he was not producing great fantasy numbers.  Those people failed to realize that you don’t need to throw for 200 yards when Derrick Henry can just rush those yards for you. Since he took over the starting job for the Titans, Ryan Tannehill has shown that he deserves to be a starter in this league.

This year, Tannehill looks like he is bringing his game to the next level, with the Titans trot out a much more balanced offense.  Through two games, he has 516 total yards and six touchdowns. The Minnesota Vikings defense is, to put it nicely, an abomination and affront to any true fan of football.  In week one, the Vikings defense made Aaron Rodgers look like the NFL MVP again. In week two, that same defense made Philip Rivers look not as old and bad as he is now.  Guess who Ryan Tannehill gets in week three? The Vikings entire defense is a disaster, whether it is the inexperienced secondary, the linebackers that keep dying, or their defensive front that is actually quite offensive to Vikings fans.  That is why in week three, you will want to start Ryan Tannehill.

Start or Sit Gardner Minshew versus Miami?

Come one, come all, and hear the Gospel of Gardner, the Sermon of the ‘Stache, the Holy Word of the next great quarterback, Gardner Minshew!  We here at Football Absurdity love three things – football, fantasy points, and fun.  Gardner Minshew checks all of these boxes. For the second week in a row, you’ve wondered whether to start or sit Gardner Minshew.  Last week, Minshew had a very tough matchup and we recommended sitting him.  Like the Prophet He is, Minshew proceeded to throw for 339 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions, punishing us for our lack of faith.

I won’t make that mistake in week three, especially with the Jaguars in such a tasty matchup.  Through two weeks, Miami yields the third-most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. In week one, Cam Newton finished as the QB6 in standard fantasy scoring, and Josh Allen finished as the QB3.  That means in week three, you had better start Gardner Minshew.

So what now…

Now that we have prayed at the Altar of the Fantasy Gods, the question of who to start or sit seems pretty clear. There is only one true savior for your fantasy roster in week three and his mustache is named Gardner Minshew.  After Minshew, Ryan Tannehill is a close second to start.  And then there is Touchdown Tom Brady, who if the past two weeks are any indication, should be renamed “Turnover Tom.”  You can start Tom Brady, but you probably won’t like it.

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