Garth Brooks’ Sanders Shirt: Hot Takes from Crazy People

Garth Brooks wore a Barry Sanders shirt at a concert in Michigan. He was clearly doing it to honor Detroit, home of Motown: The soulful source of lots of country music.

Actually, I shouldn’t say “clearly,” I take that back. This is because Garth Brooks’ Sanders shirt set Instagram on fire with people who were mostly horrified that Brooks would endorse left-wing politician Bernie Sanders. The media had a field day posting the most confused and/or enraged takes.

That brings us to this article: With Hot Takes from Crazy People, I don’t just go down the rabbit hole of insanity, I burrow deeper while eating a carrot and wearing bunny ears. So, rather than be yet another site posting IG comments about Garth Brooks’ Sanders shirt, I found a bunch of clueless posts from articles posting about how ridiculous Garth Brooks’ Sanders shirt comments were.  That’s right, people were wandering into articles about how people misinterpreted the Sanders shirt, presumably ignored the title and body of the article, and left raging comments about Brooks “endorsing” Bernie Sanders. Like this verb-challenged person:

2020 may describe this election year, but it certainly doesn’t describe this commenter’s vision:

Some people needed to make a weird joke so fast they couldn’t worry about things like disambiguation…

Others thought it was the perfect place to settle a hundred-year-old score:

Somebody get this next commenter a conspiracy before they die of thirst:

This person ruins a joke by making sure everyone gets it:

Someone wants us all to know they enjoyed watching football 25 years ago…

Love the ironic twist at the end of this exchange:

More knee-jerk blaming of Democrats by accusing them of something extremely confusing to follow:

Finally, an angry person whose entire premise ignores that Brooks was wearing a football jersey with a number on it:

Alright, that’s it. Enjoy your evenings and your weekends: Go outside, do something fun. Really, do anything but stare at weird comments on articles, because I can tell you with authority: That is not a fulfilling experience.

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