Fantasy Football: An Interview with the Winner of Our 60-Team League

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Scott Fish is an amazing person. He has a foundation that connects fantasy football to charity. The heart of it all is his annual GIANT league, called the Scott Fish Bowl. Last year, there were 1,200 teams, including Football Absurdity’s own Jeff Krisko as well as Mr. Beersheets himself, “Beer4TheBeerGod.”

Years ago, when we were just a small startup site, I wanted to run a fantasy football league that emulated the Scott Fish Bowl’s scoring rules. The rules are tweaked every year, and it feels like the goal is to make each position equally valuable. So I founded what’s become known as the Goon Fish Bowl. This year, we had 60 teams. It’s free to play with prizes for the top 5. The winner of the coveted 2019 Super-Gaudy First Place Ring was a player in Texas named Heather Yiirs. I thought it would be fitting for last year’s winner to interview this year’s, so I interviewed Heather to get to know her and see if she likes working in self-compliments as much as I do.

First of all, here is her championship week squad (Note: This is a Superflex league that puts a premium for tight end scoring)

Football Absurdity: Who are you?

Heather Yiirs: My name is Heather Yiirs. I’m an assistant manager at a bar and grill in Denton, Texas. I also bartend, cook, clean up vomit, plunge toilets, and talk a bunch of s*** while drinking whiskey. Originally, I’m from Michigan but I’ve been in Texas since 2002.

FA: How did you hear about the Goon Fish Bowl?

HY: My friend Steven told me and my boyfriend about it. He convinced us and a few other friends to sign up and do this crazy thing. That draft was insane!

FA: Did you have a strategy going into the draft? Did that strategy change as the draft wore on?

HY: I knew I wanted Lamar Jackson. And Ertz. I also had the unfortunate experience of drafting Andrew Luck and I was kinda stoked about it, until, well, you know.

Since this was the first out of six leagues I was doing last year, I was mostly just grabbing guys I was hyped on, or trying to seek out sleeper dudes that might go blow up. Since there wasn’t a lot of pressure on this league, there was more freedom in just going with my gut or taking weird chances.

Towards the end of the draft I remember being desperate for more TE’s, so I was scraping the bottom of the barrel and it wasn’t pretty.

FA: What was your biggest regret?

HY: Hate to beat a dead horse, but I’ll just go with Andrew Luck.

FA: Describe the biggest meltdown you had about fantasy football this year

HY: I actually don’t think I had any massive meltdowns, Luck retirement aside. Lots of letdowns though, and stupid mistakes. In this other league, I held on to Robby Anderson for waaaaay too long, and then finally dropped him. Then he blew up. I was livid.

FA: Have you found an excuse to wear that giant, gaudy ring we sent you? When are you going to rock that in public?

HY: I had it mailed to the bar I work at, and we all took turns admiring its ridiculousness and trying it on. But since then, it’s sitting on my shelf on its nifty stand thing, shining like a beacon of hope (and a warning to my enemies for next season). I’m thinking about getting a blinging a** chain so I can wear it around my neck like Frodo at next year’s draft.

FA: Are you aware that Football Absurdity has ultra-modern draft aids, award-winning articles, and self-promotion seamlessly woven into interview questions?

HY: Hah! I’ve looked at the website before. I’ll definitely look at it again.

FA: Anything else you’d like to add?

HY: You bet. Thanks for making this a fun and different league. It was a blast, and a new experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I think I just had some luck this season (not you, Andrew!) and I went into this not sure what to think. 10/10, would win again. 


If you want to sign up for the 2020 Goon Fish Bowl, send us an email to footballabsurdity at

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