Your Personality Type Is: Denver Broncos (The Rocky Nugget Outlaw)

“Rocky Nugget Outlaw” is my favorite John Denver song

The main goal of this personality type is to keep things the same, to keep the peace. Rocky Mountain Outlaws go through life with an attitude that is completely zen and almost Buddhist (they’re different. Look it up.) They need comfortability in both their own lives and those of guests. This makes them the personality type most suited toward hospitality.

It also makes them really fat. Turns out, getting one’s body onto a treadmill does nothing to maintain the harmony of the universe. This type’s most ideal job is sumo wrestler, or gum-tester at a candy factory.

This type is also the most in touch with their physical needs, to the point that they are often suspended from work for drug violations. Unfortunately, knowing what you need is not the same as getting it. In fact, this type will often be without a primary nutritional staple of an offensive diet plan, trying each year to recapture the magic they once had with food and decent field vision.

No type is more readily able to just tune out the world, either through meditation, substances, or general dim-wittedness. Rather than have distinct personality quirks of their own, they tend to merge and adopt the mannerisms of whoever is around. This is the kind of type that when asked to “be themselves” reply, “which one?”

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